Does Eating Your Greens Really Make You Grow?

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Why greens were singled out here is slightly immature in a sense. Maybe it is to do with the whole thing about parents or guardians telling their kid that eating their vegetables is very beneficial for them. And the kids not wanting to go there because of taste or some possibly aesthetically inclined reason. The popular known saying by the parent or guardian is Eat all your vegetables else you won’t grow big and strong. Not too sure what the word grow stands for in this saying but I could give them the benefit of the doubt and understand it as not being contrary to my side of this debate. I mean for one good point is that they were talking to kids.

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Saying this I suspect that I possibly may have taken the word grow in the title the wrong way and it actually means what I presumed the grow in the saying above meant in that case I would be in the Yes column. I apologize if I am no expert at English but I have taken the word grow as it sounds in the title and I am in the No column.

Does eating your greens really make you grow? Does it? I mean what happens when you eat? That is, what happens when you take in food into the body? As whatever it is you are eating (greens) can be classed as a food.

It is an awesome journey.

However this is no science lecture, well it could be, I don’t know. When food is taken in it tastes nice but it also needs to be broken down in order for the body to be able to make use of the nutrients, fibers, vitamins, and benefits they contain.

One way of looking at this is that the food has to be small enough to be absorbed into the body. On another level, there are four ways where the food can go once it is in the stomach. The pathways to these ways depend on what happens in the stomach.

Food has to be broken down. For instance, you take in sugar say when you have a bowl of cereal. Only the individual small sugar molecules called monosaccharides can be absorbed directly. Your body must digest the table sugar (sucrose) which is made up of two small sugars to its monosaccharide’s. Any food not broken down does not get absorbed. The food substances that are not used exit the body as waste.

The nutrients in the body are now absorbed into the bloodstream and are taken to various parts of the body as required. That is, any nutrients good for the hair will be taken in that direction etc. So far there is no evidence of growing. Only information that nutrients are taken in. But what do they do.

Your body needs food. It uses the food it takes in for a variety of things to help your body heal if you get a cut, helps your bones, helps your body make protein and energy, to build up, maintain and replace tissues in your body. Your body uses protein to make hemoglobin; other proteins are used to build heart muscles. These are the results of taking in food (a good diet) not to mention the greens.

Asparagus very high in flavor, very low in calories is rich in nutrients ideal for young women. Containing two major anti-oxidants which fight such things as free radicals which in turn can help against aging. By neutralizing damaging particles in our bodies like smog and cigarette smoke, antioxidants are major contenders in the fight against heart disease, cancer, and cataracts. So food/greens help us also battle ailments and diseases.

Beet is important. It contains an important vitamin critical to lifelong help for men, women, and children. Long term deficiencies are extremely unhealthy.

Broccoli is important as regards calcium intake for those who do not consume dairy products, just to mention one of its awesome benefits. I myself make sure I finish everything on my plate and after this research am glad I ate the broccoli. Just need to look for some beets. Anyway, Food is needed and never forget or leave out the greens or the fruit either.

So I have described what food does hence greens do when in the body.

And I have mentioned above what happens when we eat and the great benefits that can be obtained when we eat food and also the particular types. They help us and our bodies, whatever activity we are engaging in. Doing important work like moving your legs, moving your lungs and protecting you from ailments and diseases.

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