It’s Looking Like Indoor Easter

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If like many families, you’ve been counting the days until Easter weekend to throw a casual picnic party in the park, the situation has changed dramatically. Now that more and more households are going into lockdown and self-isolation, the prospect of an innocent afternoon at the park has never sounded more dangerous. 

There will be no running in the grass and playing outdoor games in the park, this Easter. If you’ve got a favorite restaurant that always makes the best Easter egg treats, chances are you’ll have to cancel your day out. However, you may be in luck as some restaurants are offering deliveries, so you may still be able to enjoy delicious Easter egg treats! For anything else, Easter is going to be indoors this year. But don’t let it affect your mood. Just because it’s not safe to join events and social gatherings, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic Easter weekend with your family. Here are a few tips to make it work for everyone, young and old. 

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Plan a lovely, yummy meal

Forget the Easter restaurant. If you can’t go out, you need to cook at home. Luckily, preparing a delicious meal for your family is a lot easier than it seems with this boneless leg of lamb recipe as a main dish.

Indoor Easter

It works best with a few sautéed potatoes and some bright green asparagus. As a starter, why not get everybody excited with Deviled eggs? The traditional recipe adds a pop of color with a sprinkle of paprika. But nothing is stopping you from experimenting and mixing a teaspoon of ketchup to the mixture for a bright red result. If red isn’t your thing, have you considered a handful of finely chopped cilantro? It will turn your deviled eggs green! And for dessert, go big with a cheesecake topped with creamy Cadbury eggs. What’s not to like?

You can’t invite your relatives. But you can keep things casual with a cyber meal together. 

Make your own eggs and Easter decorations

You’ll probably still find a few Easter decorations in the shops. But why not make the most of the time at home and build your own Easter decor? There’s something joyful and exciting when you express your artistic side. It brings you back to the playfulness of childhood where you could bring an imaginary world to life armed with nothing but a paintbrush. Now’s the time to do precisely the same. You can paint Easter landscapes or Easter-inspired portraits to hang at home. If you love traditional decors, you can dye eggshells and proudly display your eggs on the table as a centerpiece. 

Indoor easter

Time for a Great Easter Eggs Hunt

Should you hide your eggs in the garden for the kids to find them? If you’ve got a front yard and are sure that it’s safe, nothing is stopping you from enjoying some fresh air. However, if you live in an apartment, you may need to be a little more creative. Cities will not be planning Easter Egg Hunts this year. But you can create your own with what you’ve got at home. If your kids own stuffed animals, it can be fun to have their toys interact with the eggs as part of the hiding strategy, perhaps Winnie the Pooh is pretending to eat the egg? 

Your indoors Easter can be a fun and exciting event for the family. Granted, it’s going to be a weird year, but you can still make it work for your family. 

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