The Best Foods For Breakfast Time

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What do you think of breakfast? Maybe it’s a skippable meal that you rarely have the time for in the morning? Maybe it’s something you never skip, because you’ll have a moody and dreary day otherwise? Either way, we all have some pretty strong opinions about breakfast, and what constitutes a good first meal of the day. 

Breakfast is often quoted to be the most important meal of the day, and if you’re someone who firmly believes in this, or if you just wish you knew what to make in the morning so you didn’t waste any time, it’s time to make sure you’re cooking the best for yourself first thing. 

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So, keep on reading if you’re in need of a bit of breakfast inspiration, or if you’re sick of just having a boring bowl of cereal before work! 

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Know How to Take Your Eggs

Eggs are a very versatile breakfast food – they go with bread, porridge, pancakes, and even just together with a few spices! You can make all kinds of hearty and energy filled breakfasts if you know how to take your eggs; what’s your favourite way to prepare them? 

You can poach them, boil them, scramble them, make an omelette out of them, and even just fry them sunny side up if you like your bacon as well!

Smoothies are Easy and Tasty

A smoothie is a great way to pack your breakfast to the brim with nutrients necessary for a healthy diet in one fell swoop; you can get all kinds of antioxidants in there, with berries and bananas and even a bit of broccoli and/or kale if you like your vegetables too. 

Of course, water should be the first drink you have, but if you have a blender to make use of, make sure you get to know some healthy smoothie recipes. If you don’t have much time in the morning, a smoothie could be a great way to tide yourself over until you get to lunch. 

Bake Your Own Bread

Bread is a staple of our diets – it’s one of the simplest things you can make with flour and wheat, and it pairs so well with so many dishes it’s hard to find an alternative! It’s a great source of carbs for energy, and it lasts a good while. So, why not make your own bread to use for breakfast? After all, even just cutting a slice and throwing it in the toaster tastes a lot better when the loaf is homemade! 

Why not try out this irish soda bread recipe, if you’re sick of regular loaves with heavy gluten in them? Soda bread can be adjusted in a variety of ways; you can add nuts and pulses if you want to, and it pairs well with all kinds of butter and hot drinks like tea and coffee. 

Breakfast time should be tasty and healthy on you; make sure you’ve got time, and you’re making something that’s just right. 

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