Play Is Not Just For Kids: How To Cultivate Playfulness As A grownup

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Being playful and finding fun in the little things can stop everyday life from getting the best of us. While many people may have told you to grow up when you were a child, who says we really have to grow up? We may have more responsibilities now, but being a grownup doesn’t mean we can’t reignite our inner child and cultivate playfulness. 

Get Back into Gaming

Computer gaming is very popular in adults, and there are a number of gaming consoles to choose from, meaning you can revisit your childhood games, or find new ones to play. Some of the most popular gaming consoles out there include the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. These all offer a unique way of becoming immersed in games, with different playing styles unique to the console. 

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If you own a computer or laptop, try downloading a gaming platform such as Steam or Origin. Here you can purchase and play games without the disks, such as Sims 4. In a game where you make the decisions, create families and live in the virtual world, it is no wonder this classic game has remained so popular. Just as you may have played with a dollhouse in your younger days, Sims offers a whole new level of imagination. 

Let Out Your Artistic Side

Playfulness doesn’t just need to be the act of playing. If you have an artistic side, let your inner child out and get back to what you loved as a child. This could be writing, playing an instrument, or painting. Adults often have a tendency to look at these like a chore but instead of overthinking, relax, put on some music, and let your inner child guide you. Your art doesn’t have to be perfect if you had a good time creating it – you can create art just for fun. 

Revisit Childhood Classics

There are plenty of childhood classics that have been remade or are still in play despite the years. Pokémon is just one of many classic games that is still enjoyed all over the world. It is never too late to add to your Pokémon deck collection or begin collecting again. If you want to restart the Pokémon craze at home, buy them from Japan

Mario was and still is a staple character in many children’s lives, and many of your childhood Mario games have been remade and remastered for new Nintendo consoles. Another classic game recently released is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you grew up with the likes of Tom Nook and the Able Sisters, this brand-new game allows you to revisit your childhood like never before. 

Other Play Activities

If you look online, there are hundreds of play areas and gaming experiences designed specifically for adults. Society is realizing more and more that mental health matters and that play can improve our mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of great options out there, from trampoline parks to theme parks and escape rooms, meaning whatever kind of play you enjoy, you don’t need to have a child with you to enjoy it. Getting outside and being active can be a playful activity if done with fun in mind. Why not learn to skateboard or roller-skate? Both are enjoyable activities which can improve physical wellbeing too.  

Cultivating playfulness can help us feel more relaxed, and it gives us time to break away from the pressures of life, spending some quality time having fun. You are never too old to play, and there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed alone or with others to cultivate playfulness as a grownup. 

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