DIY Can Be Really Empowering… So Why Do We Rarely Do It?

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Independence is a gift. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The more we know that we can rely on ourselves the more confident and empowered we feel. Of course, none of us is an island and we all know that we need a helping hand from time to time in all aspects of our lives. Nonetheless, being able to live as independently and self-sufficiently is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It helps us feel that no matter what our lives throw at us, we’ll be able to meet the challenge with aplomb.

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Still, as romantic as the notion of being strong, fierce and independent is, it’s sometimes at odds with our 21st century lifestyle. Let’s face it, we live in the disposable age. We never repair when we can replace and we never roll up our sleeves when expert assistance is never a tap of an app away. But in this age of convenience, could do we risk losing something extremely empowering? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why learning to do household repairs and maintenance ourselves and some of the reasons why we so rarely take the leap of faith in ourselves required to learn…


Why DIY is empowering

DIY is problem solving. It involves finding practical (and often creative) solutions to common household problems. In this regard it can be extremely satisfying and teach us skills that we can apply to virtually any situation. What’s more, having the tools to fix things in the home (and the knowledge to use them) helps you to feel independent, resourceful and formidable. 

There are many reasons why DIY can empower us… So why do we do it so rarely? Well, perhaps some of these excuses may be familiar;


It’s too difficult

We live in an age where convenience is king! The solution to virtually all of our problems has become tapping a screen. Thus, is it any wonder why we may see DIY as fundamentally difficult and beyond our capabilities? Yet, when we muster the nerve to break out of our comfort zone, we can quickly learn that like anything else DIY is easy when you know how.


It’s too expensive!

While Home Improvement requires some initial outlay for tools and materials, this expense more than pays for itself in the long term. Especially when compared to hiring a professional for every household job that requires attention. 


What if I get it wrong?

It’s all-too-common to worry about what will happen if something goes wrong. Granted, there are some repairs that should absolutely be left to the professionals. For example, most plumbing repairs (outside of something like a leaky tap) should be left to the pros, as should major electrical repairs or anything to do with your roof. Still, for less hazardous jobs, there are ample YouTube tutorials and DIY blogs that will give you step by step guidance to mitigate the possibility of something going wrong. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a clawhammer and get empowered!


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