3 Ideas For An active Weekend With The Girls

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Girl’s weekends often end up being a bit samey. You start with good intentions: you book a spa, get some bubbly and find a nice place to stay. But there’s always that nagging feeling that this is exactly what you did last time and you’re not totally sure that you’re getting good value for money – especially when you spend most of the day in the pool. 

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So what are the alternatives?

The real point of a girl’s weekend is to have fun, relax and spend some quality time together. Here are a few ideas to you might like the sound of.

Go Sailing

Sailing is a great way to spend time together because it requires teamwork. But sailing is also a lot of fun, gets you out on the water and can be very chilled. A boating club will definitely be able to lend you a boat for a weekend and, if you don’t have any sailing experience, you can, quite literally, learn the ropes too. 

There are a few things to remember, though. Make sure that you book a boat big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably – boats aren’t made for space, they economize what they have. You should also make sure that you pack plenty of food and snacks as sailing can be quite physical. Finally, make sure you wear sunscreen as the sea reflects a lot of light, which is great for your vitamin D but can be dangerous if you’re over-exposed. 

Go Hiking

If you are an outdoorsy type, hiking will definitely appeal though you may have to persuade some of your friends! Taking a tent with you is a good way to make sure that you get to camp in the wilderness but honestly, holing up in a guest house and walking from there will be just as lovely and a little more comfortable. 

Walking is a brilliant option for a really social group as it gives you a chance to talk without distractions. You don’t need to go fast or push yourselves too far – after all this is all about the chat – but when you get in, you won’t feel too guilty about indulging in some delicious food and wine as a reward. 

Pony Trekking

Horse trekking is a lovely way to get outdoors and explore new terrains. There are lots of gorgeous destinations around the world that are suitable for riders of all experience levels and can offer regional delights too. Like the hiking idea, pony trekking gives you lots of time to chat without the distraction of screens and phones. While pony trekking might sound easier than hiking, you will still burn a lot of calories and use plenty of energy. 

Horses aren’t for everyone but if you are an animal-loving group, they can be wonderful companions for your trip. Taking care of your horses can be quite mindful and relaxing though, admittedly, it might take a few days for the horsey smell to ebb! 

So, which trip do you fancy going on first? 

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