How Hobbies Can Make You Happier

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Some of you may wonder why people take up a hobby. Some of you may laugh at the idea. Others of you may have no time for such ‘seeming’ frivolities. But, if you are one of these people, you have no idea that power a hobby can bring to your life in terms of positive change both mentally and physically. A hobby can be far more than a simple pastime. It is a way of harnessing the creative being inside you and allowing that usually hidden aspect of yourself out to express itself. Life does not need to be a monotonous road with no hope for something more profound to come along. You can take charge and start creating something and it will make you feel more productive, you will develop new skills, and you will start focusing your mind. Here are a few ways a hobby can make you happier:

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It can help clear the mind

A hobby can be compared to a form of meditation. When you are fully concentrating on the hobby you have chosen there is an affinity between you and the work where nothing else exists. You are in effect in a sort of flow state where your consciousness is at its optimum. So, when you are here, the worries of your everyday life no longer exist. It is you and the work, or activity whatever you choose, as long as it has all of your attention, you will be able to clear your mind. When you stop concentrating and come back to real life, you will feel less stressed and happier.

The social aspect

Many hobbies have a social aspect. If you enjoy fishing, you are usually out at the lake or the sea with other fishermen. If you are a bit of a loner, this could have a hugely positive effect on your life as you will find like-minded people and share stories. You may even go away together after discussing where to fish in the Gulf of Mexico, for example. Even if you have a more solitary hobby such as writing. You will, after the initial phase, have to go out and meet other writers to try and get your work out there. A hobby can also give you something to talk about with friends and family if you struggle with conversation.

You are allowed to express your creativity

Life can be a little dry and humourless sometimes. The daily grind can get you down. But if you have something that allows you to say what you like, or get the aggression and artistic passion out, you will feel a catharsis. This had the power to make you feel so much better. Just for the sheer act of doing it.


Sense of achievement


No matter what hobby you choose, whether it is gardening or painting, once you have succeeded in your aim, you will have a sense of achievement. That you have gone through a process from A to B and completed it. It will build your confidence.

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