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10 daily habits to improve life you should start today

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We are all works in progress. None of us are perfect or are ever going to be that way. That’s ok because we can improve and become the best versions of ourselves. By learning a few habits to add to your day for a better life. These daily habits to improve life are easy to do and make a big difference.

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Life is going to go through ups and downs. You will be blessed with good periods and you will struggle through hardships. Unfortunately, that’s all just part of living.

By setting up good habits that can make you healthier and happier you will set yourself up to have more joy during the good times and to be better able to handle the hard times.

Here are ten habits I’m doing or trying to get better at doing in my own life. My hope is that you will give them a try and watch them improve your life.

Our lives are made up of little habits that we do every day many of which we do without even thinking of them. It’s the sum of these habits though that make our lives good or bad.

So if you want to start living a more amazing life you need to incorporate more good habits into your days. Begin working on one habit at a time and do it every day and after a while, it will become automatic.

For a great resource on developing good habits and breaking bad habits. I highly recommend the book Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. This book really helps in developing life-changing habits.

The 10 daily habits to improve life starting today

1 Drink more water

Drinking more water has become one of the easiest habits I’ve developed that have really made a difference to my overall health. If you are looking to lose weight, clear up your skin, fight getting sick and feel better you should increase your water.

Drinking soda was always my go-to beverage of choice. I was always feeling bloated and cranky and had non stop headaches. It took me years to discover it was probably because I was dehydrated. Don’t make the same mistake.

Now a soda is a treat and water is what I drink all the time. If you want to make yourself feel better start tracking how much water you drink. You can add an app to your phone and watch how much better you feel when you give your body the water it needs.

If you struggle to drink water, as I did for years I want to share what helped me to finally hit my water goals. Tracking my water intake really helped. Plus I found that drinking flavored water with caffeine was a great and healthier alternative to soda. This one is so good and only 10 calories per packet.

2. make time for self-care

It is so easy to forget about yourself and to put the other people and responsibilities in life above taking care of you.

Let me tell you though nothing could be a bigger mistake. I understand that you probably feel the need to care for your family, friends, your job, etc.

Of course, those things are important and matter a lot in your life but you know what so do you.

I know way too many people, mostly women, that have neglected taking care of themselves for years and they end up paying for it physically and mentally down the road. Not that men can’t be guilty of this as well but I have just seen it more often with women.

They were so busy caring for others and no one was caring for them and they ended up with so many health problems. Many of which could have been avoided if they took care of themselves.

3. move more

Here’s the thing even if you don’t need to lose weight your health will be improved by moving more.

By just doing a little more every day and making the commitment to moving your body more you will be improving your mental, physical and emotional health.

I’m saying this as someone who does not enjoy working out, who is never going to be someone who runs for fun or that lives for the gym.

Even someone like me and like you, if we are the same in this way, can make the effort to move more. Just taking a 15-minute walk., choosing to park further away from the store, taking the stairs, etc.

These little bits of effort will add up. For me, it’s wearing my Fitbit and pushing myself to hit the number of steps that will be more than last week. Just to get me moving.

4. Set Boundaries

This is such an incredibly important topic to me. It’s something that I’m working really hard to teach my daughter both by example and through talking about it with her.

If you want to improve your life and I really hope that you do you need to make sure that the people you choose to have around you are respectful of the boundaries that you have.

Plus you need to be willing to set boundaries and know that it is more than ok that you do that because you deserve to be treated well and with respect.

5. Get enough sleep

Being well-rested will improve so much of your life. It will help you to think clearer, to feel healthier and improve your mood.

So make it a priority to get a good night sleep every day and to take the time to nap if you don’t get a good night of sleep.

This year one of my goals has been to go to bed a little earlier because I am a night owl and I tend to stay up too late and then wake up too late.

So I’ve really been trying to go to bed earlier so that I can get up at a decent time and also hit my recommended sleep hours. It’s important to find what works for you and to adjust things to fit your lifestyle.

6. read daily

Of all the daily habits to improve your life the one that I was already doing and has always been a part of my life is to read daily. Reading has always been a favorite thing of mine to do.

Not everyone loves to read as much as I do and I understand that, though I do think that everyone can find the right books for them. There are millions of wonderful books out there on every topic you can imagine. You just need to find what you enjoy reading.

There are so many reasons why you should begin reading at least a little bit daily. Some of those reasons are that reading improves your focus, it makes you smarter.

As well as it can help reduce your stress levels and improve your imagination. You don’t have to read a lot unless you enjoy reading but spending more time with a book will improve your life.

7. make a to-do list

When I am committed to making a daily to-do list I’m so much more productive and can get so much more done.  I keep my to-do lists on Evernote that way I can keep it with me on my phone and on my computer. Since school ended for my daughter I have not been good at making my daily list and I know that’s part of the reason I’m not getting much done. 

So I’m determined to start making time every night before bed to make out my to-do list for the next day. It’s a simple task and shouldn’t take long but having a list of what to do when you wake up makes it more likely that the things that need to get done will be accomplished. 

8. Be your own cheerleader

No one is going to care about you and what is important to you like you do. So you need to be your own cheerleader. You need to show up for yourself and cheer yourself on to accomplish your dreams.

When life gets hard and you are struggling to get what you want to accomplish done. You need to pump yourself up with positive talk and inspire yourself to push through the hard stuff.

9. Practice Gratitude

One habit that can definitely change your perspective almost immediately is to become intentional about choosing to be more grateful. Happier people are able to identify the positive things in their life and show appreciation for them.

When I was going through a particularly rough period in my life and feeling depressed and anxious about my life. I chose to start focusing on how grateful I was for the people and things that were going well in my life.

Focusing on what you’re grateful for helps build an appreciation for what you have. It helps us feels blessed, so we can find beauty in life’s ordinary moments. When things are going wrong, remaining thankful helps us refocus on all the things going right.

Make a habit of identifying 3 things every day that you’re grateful for. This can be as simple as eating a yummy breakfast, hearing from a friend, or sleeping in a warm bed at night. If you focus on these things you are grateful for each day and list them out every day in your journal (or on your phone, whatever works for you), you’ll be amazed at how much you have to be happy about.

10. Get rid of clutter

Disorganization and clutter have been proven many times to increase our stress levels and lower our moods. Clutter can be distracting and frustrating. It’s even been linked to depression! I know that when my house is cluttered, it makes my brain feel cluttered and raises my stress level.

If you feel like that could be something that stresses you out too, taking the time to clean and declutter your area is definitely worth the effort! I have lots of decluttering content on this blog that will help you get your home organized.

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