QVC Inspirational Gift Show: Featuring Candace Cameron Bure #LOVEQVC

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With everything that is going on in the world right now, I wanted to share with you two new lines heading to QVC on Friday, April, 3rd at 11 AM EST. The first is the Headband of Hope and the Second is The Vintage Sparrow.

I am so excited to share with you both of these products because I do feel that we all need a little bit more faith right now and most of all hope. Hope that the world can heal itself from the virus that is consuming our nation.

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On April 3rd, Candace Cameron Bure, whom many of you might remember from Full House, will be sharing so many inspirational and fun items that make amazing gifts. So make sure that you head over to the URL above or tune in to check out her amazing picks as below are just two of many that will be on this amazing QVC Inspirational Gift Show.

Headband of Hope-Jess Ekstrom

Headbands of Hope really have an amazing story to be told. Inspired by a summer internship at a wish-granting organization, Jess Ekstrom saw that a lot of kits loved to wear Headbands after losing their hear to chemo.

After researching a bit more, Jess found that there were no companies that offered kids with cancer headbands, only wigs and hats. So, with a LOT of coffee she started her business from her dorm room helping children get the headbands they need and most of all wanted.

Every headband that is sold means that you are helping a child get a headband. How cool is that? Headbands of Hope has donated headbands to every children’s hospital in America and 15 countries.

The headbands are so beautiful. I received the pink and the vibrant color just makes me smile.

When you order your headband you will get a donation confirmation stating which hospital your purchase had benefited.

The Vintage Sparrow-Annie Moss

I am so pleased that I was able to participate on this campaign because I am actually a HUGE fan of Vintage Sparrow. Vintage Sparrow started in 2014 to help inspire and awaken courage in the hearts of women all over the globe.

The Vintage Sparrow has always been and will always been totally committed to creating designs that remind women to fully walk in all they are called to be.

If you need inspiration in your life when it comes to your jewelry or just a reminder of how wonderful you really are The Vintage Sparrow is the perfect choice. Their pieces will truly mean so much to you inside and out.

Please do make sure that you tune into the QVC Inspirational Gift Show, QVC on Friday, April, 3rd at 11 AM EST. I shall be watching along as well and I know the items will be amazing along with the two that I have just showed you.

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