A Bedtime Routine for Successful Adults

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Most of us assume that we left our bedtime routine behind with childhood. In fact, as children, we couldn’t get away from it fast enough. We hated being sent to bed at a particular time and would do almost anything to be allowed to stay up a little later, even if it meant that we were tired and grumpy the day after. But, many successful and productive adults have a bedtime routine of their own. 

Getting into a nighttime routine can help you not only to get more sleep, but also to get a better quality of sleep, without waking in the night or having periods of extended restlessness. This helps you to be more alert and productive, it can help you to fight off illness and disease, it will reduce your stress levels, and a good night’s sleep can help you to work more productively, allowing you to get more out of your days. If you want to be successful with whatever you do, here are some of the steps to a perfect bedtime routine that you might want to consider implementing. 

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Get the Room Right
Your bedroom plays a big part in how easily you can fall asleep. A bright room with lots of clutter, contrasting colors and bright lights is never going to lull you to sleep. Instead, try to stick to soothing shades, like pale blues and purples, and restrict any patterns. Fill your room with soothing pictures and accessories that make you smile and limit any clutter. 
Your bed itself is also incredibly important. Check out the best mattress choices so that you are comfortable, and stick to light linens in soft materials that will hug you when you get in. 

Relax Before Bed
Many of us are guilty of staying up until we’re exhausted, which often means that we fall into bed after working late, watching our favorite TV shows on Netflix or talking to our friends. This means that when you get in bed, your mind is still spinning. You are still thinking about your day, and it’s hard to switch off. Try to spend some time relaxing before you get into bed. Try to clear your mind, and you’ll sleep more easily. 

Brush your Teeth Early
Have you ever felt really tired, only to find that brushing your teeth and taking your makeup off or washing your face wakes you up? It’s exceptionally annoying. Avoid this by getting ready for bed earlier, before you start switching off. 


First thing in the morning, exercise can be a fantastic way to wake yourself up. But, a light yoga routine or series of stretches after a long day can also help to ease your muscles ready to sleep. 

Stick to a Bed Time
The most important part of your bedtime routine is the time. We don’t all need eight hours, but for most of us, it’s around that. So count 8 hours back from the time you usually get up and start going to bed at the same time every day. Soon, your body will get used to it, and you’ll find it easier to fall asleep. 

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