How To Make Comfy Clothes Fashionable

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Fashion is a great way to express yourself and make you feel empowered in your own skin, but sometimes there is so much information shown to us about what looks fashionable and what doesn’t it can get confusing. Many people think that comfort and fashion can’t go hand in hand, but that is wrong. To look stylish, you don’t have to have a new outfit every day, and you don’t need to wear anything impractical that makes your daily tasks seem impossible. Having staple items in your wardrobe and using some accessories can make your comfortable clothing items stylish and fashionable:

Find a style that you like

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If you have a style of clothing that you find comfortable to wear, invest in more clothing of a similar style. Just because you buy clothing in a similar style doesn’t mean that you will look the same every day. There is always a range of different colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from, which will make what you are wearing look different. If you like dresses, they can also come in various lengths. If you enjoy wearing separates, one day you could wear a men’s, block-coloured tank top, for a more baggy look, and on other days you could wear camo tank tops womens, for a more fitted look. Small changes to your outfits can make them look entirely different!


Accessories are an important part of making an outfit look stylish. You can take a simple, comfy outfit, add a few accessories to it and it suddenly looks like you have put a lot of thought and effort into it. 

If you are someone who likes to wear trousers you could accessorize with a belt. This one small item can set the tone for your outfit. Thick belts can be a statement piece, or you could wear a thinner belt with an eye-catching belt buckle. If you are wearing a neutral coloured outfit, the belt could be something that you use to add a pop of colour and worn on top of a dress it can cinch in your waist and change your whole look.

There are so many things that you can do with accessories, and if you like to wear simple clothing, accessories can be how you add a touch of your own personality to your outfit.

Staple Items

It is worth investing in good quality, classic items that can be worn and styled with most of the outfits you wear. There is no need to buy brand new, especially as more and more of us are trying to find more ethical ways to shop

Staple items need to be things that you feel comfortable in and that you know you will wear again and again. It could be a well-fitting pair of jeans or a comfortable pair of boots that you can walk around in all day but then will still look good if you wear them to an evening event. Whatever it is you choose to invest in, it should be versatile and feel comfortable whenever you wear it.

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