Kyte Baby Review – Read This Before Buying

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One of my favorite places to shop for my babies is Kyte Baby. In this Kyte Baby review I’ll talk about all of the products we’ve gotten from their company and how much we love them.

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Why We Love Kyte Baby

  • Soft– Their clothing is made from bamboo. If you’ve never felt bamboo fabric, you’re missing out! I seriously cannot believe how soft Kyte Baby products are.
  • Unique– The colors and prints on Kyte Baby products are really cute and are unique to this brand. You won’t find them anywhere else.
  • Breathable– This helps your baby stay comfortable and safe no matter what the temperature is.
  • Hypoallergenic– This is important for babies and children with sensitive skin. The material won’t give them a reaction.
  • Long lasting– I couldn’t believe how long my babies have worn each of their products from here. They’ve all lasted us longer than the size on the tag. This is because the material is stretchy.

Overview of Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby’s founder, Ying, started the company because her daughter had chronic eczema. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Her daughter started sleeping so much better and was more comfortable in her Kyte Baby jammies than in the jammies she used to wear.

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They have free shipping for US orders over $85, Canada orders over $135, and worldwide orders over $300. Items that are unwashed and unused are eligible for a return within 30 days, except for items that were bought on final sale.

Bamboo Footies

Shop Kyte Baby Footies here

For our first order we got 4 footies. We chose to get the zippered footies over the ones with snaps. I think the ones with snaps look a little cuter, but they’re so much more work.

When your baby is young they’ll likely be up in the night and lining up snaps on their outfit isn’t what you want to do in the dark.

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I think the zippered ones are still super cute, so that’s what we chose to get. They’re made from bamboo and they’re crazy soft! I don’t even have words to describe how soft and smooth the bamboo material is.

We got the colors dusk, plum, emerald, and slate. Plum and emerald ended up being our favorites. Emerald is a great color for a boy or a girl.

One of our favorite things about these bamboo baby clothes is that it has a dual zipper. This means you can zip it from the top or bottom. It makes diaper changes much easier.

We noticed when we first put the pajamas on our babies, they were really calm and happy. I think they felt very comfortable in their outfits.

We got size 3-6 months since that’s what our babies had just started wearing. They were a little big at first, but not so big that they couldn’t wear them.

My babies were able to wear the Kyte Baby footies 3-6 month size for 5 months, which makes it worth the money to me.

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Bamboo Sleep Bags

Shop sleep bags here

The Kyte Baby sleep sacks we got are the 1.0 TOG sleep bag. We got slate and plum to match the footies we got. They are just as soft as the footies for babies.

They’re kind of fluffy and seem really comfortable to sleep in. We got size 0-6 months and they fit great.

You can refer to the Kyte Baby sleep sack temperature guide on the sleep sack product pages to get the right TOG for your baby. You’ll want a lighter one for warmer months and a thicker one for colder months.

Bamboo Rompers

Shop Kyte Baby Rompers here

We just recently made another Kyte Baby order for summer. We got each of my babies a sleeveless romper. We chose terracotta for our girl and matcha for our boy.

I can’t get enough of how they look together! The terracotta is a kind of a peachy pink/orange color and matcha is a nice, pastel green.

Even though I like the functionality of zippers more than snaps, we got snaps for these because I thought they were much cuter.

We got size 6-12 months. They shrunk quite a bit when we washed them, so I was surprised by that. They still fit and I’m expecting them to fit all summer no problem. If your baby is between sizes, I would size up though. These are also really cute on a toddler. They go up to size 18-24 months.

Shop Kyte Baby today!

Kyte Baby Rewards Program

You can earn points on Kyte Baby’s website to use for future purchases. Every 100 points = $5 towards a purchase at Kyte Baby.

You get 1 point for every $1 you spend, 5 points for uploading a photo with a review, 5 points for uploading a video with review, 100 points for your birthday, 10 points for writing a product review, 30 points for creating an account, 10 points for following Kyte Baby on Facebook, and 10 points for following Kyte Baby on Instagram.

The more you spend with them, the more points you can earn per dollar spent on their website. You can sign up for their rewards program here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Kyte Baby products cost more than other baby companies. The baby Zippered Footies are $33, the sleeveless romper is $28, and the 1.0 tog sleep bags are $50.

Is It Worth The Cost?

I highly recommend all of the Kyte Baby products that I’ve talked about in this Kyte Baby review. I promise they are worth the extra money that you pay compared to baby clothes at the bigger stores.

I’m happy to spend the extra money and buy a few pieces of clothing from Kyte Baby for each of my kids. The material is so amazing and I love how my babies look in their clothes.

My daughter has eczema and she seems happier when she’s wearing Kyte Baby jammies.


I cannot recommend Kyte Baby enough. They also have really good customer service. I’ve emailed them a couple of times and they’ve responded quickly. They’re one of those brands that really cares about their customers.

If you have an upcoming baby shower you can add Kyte Baby products to your registry or ask people for gift cards. I hope this Kyte Baby review has helped you!

What is Kyte Baby made of?

Kyte Baby products are made with material that is 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex.

How do you wash a Kyte Baby?

To wash your Kyte Baby you’ll use cold water, delicate cycle, and turn off the agitator if that’s an option. Wash only with other bamboo products. Turn the clothes inside out and zip or button them up. Sleep sacks should not be inside out, but should be zipped all the way up. Do not use the dryer. Lay Kyte Baby products flat to dry or hang them up. Open the zipper on the baby sleep bags and point a fan towards them to help dry quicker.

What do you wear under Kyte sleep sack?

This can depend on what TOG your sleep sack is and the temperature of the room your baby is in. Typically, your baby will just need 1 layer of clothing under their sleep sack. My babies wore Kyte Baby footies under theirs.

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