Ultimate Baby Sleeping Tog Guide

Ultimate Baby Sleeping Bag Tog Guide

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Are you constantly wondering whether your baby is too cold at night? Or too hot? Well, this baby sleeping bag tog guide will help you dress your baby just right.

What is tog? What type of sleeping bag do I need? How should I dress my baby in the bag? Should I put something over the bag?

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These are all questions we’re about to find the answers to.

What is tog?

Tog stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is used to measure the warmth and insulation of bedding and sleepwear. The highest the grade, the warmer and more insulated is the fabric.

The tog rating is the easiest way to ensure your baby’s temperature will be just right during their sleep. This is especially important since babies are unable to regulate their own temperature like adults can.

What are the benefits of using a sleeping bag?

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  • They keep your baby’s temperature constants and thus avoiding overheating.
  • You can easily feed your baby without having to uncover them.
  • Your baby can move freely and kick their legs without uncovering themselves. Which also means more sleep for mommy.
  • They reduce the risk of SIDS because you don’t need to use additional covers.
  • Your baby will start associating their sleeping bag with comfort and safety, which makes the bag perfect for travel.

Your baby sleeping bag tog guide

0.5 tog sleeping bag

0.5 tog sleeping bags are of the thinnest variety, although occasionally you could even find a sleeping bag as low as 0.3 tog.

These sleeping bags consist of single-layer cotton fabric and are suitable for the summer months when the night temperatures are above 24° C (75° F). Their main purpose is to keep your baby tucked in properly compared to using a baby blanket.

1 tog sleeping bag

The 1 tog sleeping bag is probably the most popular option. It is suitable for 20° C (69° F) to 24° C (75° F). While you may find it in the spring/fall collections, it can be used all year long with the right constant temperature in the nursery.

A 1 tog sleeping bag usually consists of 2 cotton layers without additional lining.

1.5 tog sleeping bag

2 tog sleeping bag

2 tog sleeping bags are usually used when the temperatures are constantly between 18°-21° C (65°-70° F) all year long.

2.5 tog sleeping bag

Sleeping bags over 2.5 tog are considered winter bags, although they can be used all year round as well if you keep the right temperature in the room.

A 2.5 tog sleeping bag is a perfect solution when the temperature in the room is 16° to 22° C (60° to 71° F).

3.5 tog baby sleeping bag

3.5 tog bags are suitable for very low temperatures only. Otherwise, you risk overheating your baby.

Baby sleeping bag types

When you walk into a baby store or browse Amazon, you’ll notice that there are a few different sleeping bag types that you can choose from. To help you make an informed decision, here are the most popular baby sleeping bag types reviewed more in detail.

Sleeping bag swaddle

Swaddle bags are a great option to keep your newborn safe and warm while they sleep. They are most suitable from birth until your baby is 3 months old, or until they start rolling over.

If you want to learn more, Ergopouch has a great post on swaddling your baby in a sleeping bag.

Front zip

Regular baby sleeping bags are best introduced around 3 months or when your baby starts rolling over. While most parents use them up to the age of 24 months, you can find sleeping bags that are fitted for kids as old as 6 years.

The front zip of these sleepsacks allows you to easily change your baby without undressing them completely. I find this a huge plus and therefore these have been the sleeping bags of choice for both my kids.

Zipped on the side

Sleeping bags with a side zipper are another type of regular sleeping bag and are also best for babies and toddlers aged 3 to 24 months.

The main difference from the front zip type is in the way you dress your little one and in the access you get to them if they need changing. Simply put, whether the zip is located on the front or side depends solely on your personal preference and comfort and does not affect the baby.

Sleeping bag with legs

Sleeping bags with legs are suitable for babies aged 6 months and up, as well as toddlers.

Once your little one starts standing and walking, regular sleeping bags may not feel as comfortable anymore as they will limit their movement if they decide to stand up.

For younger kids, you can even find bags that have built-in socks, so that your baby’s feet don’t get cold at night.

Picking size

Different-sizes available for baby clothes and sleeping bags

Picking the perfect sleeping bag for your little one can be a bit of a challenge. Mainly because the tog is not the only detail you need to consider.

Therefore, the baby sleeping bag tog guide needs to answer one more question.

How to choose the perfect baby sleeping bag for your baby.

Quality sleeping bags have a well-fitted neckline. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you select the right size for your little one.

The main reason for this is because many parents (myself included) tend to get the larger size when the kid is about to switch sizes soon. Otherwise, it feels like you’re wasting money on something your baby will hardly even wear.

This, however, does not apply to sleeping bags.

Choosing the right sleeping bag size is extremely important for your baby’s safety.

If the neckline is wide, your baby may slip their head in the bag which could lead to suffocation. If the neckline is too tight, on the other hand, your baby may feel uncomfortable and their sleep will be disturbed.

Tip: Always pick a size that actually matches your baby’s height, even if you think you’ll be switching sizes soon.

How to dress your baby in a sleeping bag?

While the table above can give you a pretty good idea of how to dress your baby for the night just right, you still need to keep in mind that babies are different. While some may prefer snuggling in a warmer setting for the night, others may feel more comfortable in a lighter set.

In other words, the above data is intended as a guide only, so make sure you follow your mom’s instincts (and pediatrician recommendations) as well.

You would also need to install a good room thermometer in the nursery. Keep in mind, that depending on your heating source, the evening and morning temperatures in the room can differ.

If the amplitude is more than 3°-4° C (or 5° F), you may need to find a way to keep the temperatures more constant or discuss your particular case with your pediatrician.

Frequently ask questions

1. Should I put a cover over the sleeping bag?

No, the sleeping bag serves as a sleeping cover. Therefore, you don’t have to put any other blankets over your baby or you may overheat them.

Furthermore, by placing a loose cover over your sleeping baby you’re increasing the risk of SIDS.

2. Should you pick a sleeping bag according to the season?

Sleeping bags need to be selected based on the room temperature and not on the season. If you keep the same room temperature all year long, you can safely stick to the same tog rating.

3. How do I know if my baby is warm enough?

Babies are quite different so it may be that what suits most, may be too much or not enough for your baby.

To see if the temperature-clothing combination is right for your baby, check the back of their neck. If it’s too hot, then they could be overdressed.

Note: Checking your baby’s forehead or hands may be misleading unless they have a fever. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with your pediatrician.

4. How to dress my baby if the temperature in the room isn’t constant?

Depending on your heating source, you may not be able to keep a constant room temperature in the nursery.

In this case, you may want to dress your baby according to the lowest temperature that is expected.

Now is your turn, have you tried baby sleeping bags and what is your favorite kind?

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