Amazing Wooden Ostheimer Toys (History, Products)

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Wooden Ostheimer toys are the perfect toys for kids! Here are many reasons you can’t go wrong with Ostheimer.

I love supporting small businesses! There’s something about helping family owned small business that just gets to me. I have family members who own small businesses and I know how much every purchase means to them. I try to shop small whenever I can.

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Plus, the history of Ostheimer is just amazing! When I heard their story, I felt so connected to them.

Here are all of the reasons why Ostheimer is a brand to support and one I will always love!

Their Story

In the 1930’s, a woman named Margarette Ostheimer and her father started making these toys together. Margarette was a teacher (just like me) and wanted to make quality toys for children. So she started Ostheimer Toys.

She said, “It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the seemingly stiff wooden figures, the form and colour of which purposely have been reduced to an essential minimum. It is apparent how little coaching our children need to dive into their worlds.”

Isn’t that amazing?! I love that she was a teacher and that she did it with her father. What an incredible start to a business!

Lots of Ostheimer animals laid out together on a flat surface

How They’re Made

First, a stamp is made of the animal or figure. Second, it’s stamped onto maple wood. Third, it’s the wood is cut out. Fourth, it’s sanded to remove the rough edges. Fifth, it’s dipped in oil to preserve the colors and protect the surface. Finally, it’s dyed.

Ostheimer Animals

Ostheimer has a ginormous range of animals. Every time I look at their collection, I’m impressed by the expanse of it. They have farm animals, woodland animals, exotic animals, castles and knights, fairytale figures, nativity, and sets and scenery. I can’t think of anything to add to their collection that they haven’t already thought of.

Ostheimer Animals on Arc

Ostheimer Figures

Ostheimer has an extensive collection of figures. And when I say extensive, I mean it’s massive! In the farm collection, there are two different sets of a father, mother, son, daughter, and toddler.

In addition, they have a grandfather, grandmother, child in crib, farmer, farmer’s wife, shepherd boy, dwarf, and a shepherd with dog. And that’s just the farm collection!

Here’s a list of every figurine they have on their site:

  • Father 1
  • Father 2
  • Mother 1
  • Mother 2
  • Son 1
  • Son 2
  • Daughter Playing Flute
  • Son Playing Flute
  • Daughter 1
  • Daughter 2
  • Toddler 1
  • Toddler 2
  • Baby
  • Farmer
  • Farm Wife
  • Shepherd Boy
  • Goose Girl
  • Shepherd Boy Small
  • Shepherd with Staff
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Rider with Horse
  • Rider with Horse 2
  • Horseman
  • Rider
  • Horse Woman
  • Girl Rider
  • King
  • Queen
  • Prince
  • Snow White
  • Princess
  • Princess for Frog King
  • Dwarves (crystal, aquamarine, emerald, topaz, ruby, rose quartz, amethyst, Bodo)
  • Hansel
  • Gretel
  • Witch
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Hunter
  • Startaler
  • Mermaid Lying
  • Nightwatchman
  • Mermaid Sitting 1
  • Mermaid Sitting 2
  • Knight Riding Red
  • Knight Riding Blue
  • Black Knight
  • Knight Standing Red
  • Knight Standing Blue
  • Market Woman
  • Crown Prince Without Sword
  • Lady-in-Waiting
  • Daughter of the Castle

They also have a complete creative set where you can paint the figurines however you’d like. It’s that incredible? I had no idea they had so many figures.

Ostheimer is the toy for you, if you want to purchase high quality wood figurines for your children!

Ostheimer pig

Qualities of Their Products

Ostheimer makes quality animals and figures. Here’s a list of the qualities of them I love:

  • Timeless– Your family for generations will love to play with these animals and figures!
  • Sustainable– I love buying and supporting things that are sustainable. It never ceases to amaze me that wooden toys were created just from wood and then painted. I feel so inspired by how amazing that is!
  • Organic– These toys feel incredible in your hands. There’s a big difference between the feel of plastic and wooden toys. You can feel the difference if you hold one of each in your hands. You’ll feel connected to one and not the other!
  • Versatile– There’s so much you can do with these toys! You can play with them inside or outside, small world play, or play with them on their own.
  • Beautiful– I’m seriously in awe of the beauty and craftsmanship of these incredible toys.
  • Realistic– Their animals look real! When you look at them, you know exactly which animal is which.
  • Fun– My kids and I look forward to playing with them every day.

The Best of the Best

Many people consider Ostheimer to be the very best! They’re the longest toymaker in existence that’s still creating toys today. What a legacy! There’s a reason they’re still in business.

The Bottom Line

In short, I love supporting family owned businesses. Ostheimer makes incredible hand carved and dyed toys that I love. People of all ages will love to look and play with these amazing toys!

In my opinion, you can’t buy better toys for your children. They will play with them all of their life!

Here are a bunch of Ostheimer animals on a wooden boat.


What wood is Ostheimer made of?

Ostheimer toys are made out of certified wood. They don’t tell us specifically which type of wood they use, but we know that it’s certified wood.

What are Ostheimer toys?

Ostheimer wooden toys are hand crafted and painted by hand in Germany, and they have a soft to the touch finish. They’re timeless wooden toys and they encourage the imagination of children. They lead to hours of play and fun for all!

Why are Ostheimer toys sold out?

Currently, Ostheimer toys are being produced in limited qualities and aren’t always available. This is because of labor shortages in Europe, training of new artisans, and shipping delays. Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon.

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Final Thoughts on Ostheimer Toys:

In short, I hope you like these wooden Ostheimer animals as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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