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Everything You Will Need for Your Newborn Baby: Essentials Registry Checklist

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Everything every mama will need to put on her new baby registry checklist!

There are so many checklists out there full of things that people claim you’ll need for your baby.

Better to be safe than sorry of course! Who wants to be running out for baby things while you just want to be sitting on your couch relaxing with your new baby?

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However. I can tell you right now that there are some things you may get that you really could be saving your money on (money you’ll need for the millions of diapers you’ll be going through).

For the most part, when you bring your new baby home, you will most likely spend the first few weeks hanging out on your couch anyway.

So, besides the obvious few things, there won’t be much you will need.

As baby gets older and you are more ready to emerge from your home and re-enter society, the baby list will grow.

From the day I brought my newborn home to when he was about 3 months old, there is a list of things I can tell you with absolute certainty I could not live without.

Or at least, things that made my life 100 times easier. What new mom wouldn’t like the sound of that?

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baby in comfortable crib sleeping

Blankets – I’m sure you will be given plenty. You’ll need lots for wrapping up your little one, burp blankets for all the spit up (most babies spit up a lot), and blankets for wrapping yourself up with baby for those long-awaited naps together.

Crib sheets – You will want a few of these as well. Trust me, you’re not going to want to be washing a crib sheet in the middle of the night when your baby has had a major blowout and you just want to get both him and you back to sleep.

Here’s a little trick for those middle of the night changes: put two or even three crib sheets on the crib mattress so you only have to take one off.

A crib mattress protector is also a good idea. Having one of these has saved my baby’s mattress many times!

Noise machine – My son sleeps best with one of these. We love this portable noise machine! I didn’t have one at the beginning and as soon as I started using it his sleep stretches got longer.

Silence is weird to a lot of babies. They hear so much when they are in your stomach and it’s pretty loud in there even without hearing all the things going on outside.

It also just helps to drown out other noises. I have a dog, and although my son is used to hearing her bark it drowns it out pretty well if she does happen to bark downstairs.

I also don’t have to worry about the television being too loud, or anything else I may be doing while he’s asleep.

Swaddles – These were another lifesaver. Babies have something called a moro reflex or startle reflex, for the first few months of their lives. Swaddling them helps to contain that reflex so they don’t wake themselves up.

I love the ones that have Velcro so you can easily adjust as needed.

As soon as your baby starts showing signs of rolling over however, make sure to start weaning them off it! You can get sleep sacks that allow for either one or both arms to be out. These were great for weaning my son off the swaddle.


Diapers – On Amazon you can subscribe and save to get money off diapers and get them delivered right to your door!

This is super helpful with a new baby. The less you have to worry about the better.

If you’re thinking about cloth diapering, The Natural Baby Company and GroVia have an awesome package deal where you can save up to 10% with GroVia Cloth Diaper Bundles!

Wipes – These are another thing you can subscribe and save on. A lot of people like the idea of using the thin baby cloths as well, as they help save both money and waste!

I like Honest Company wipes because they are made of natural ingredients that are safe for your baby’s little bum.

Wipes are also great for everything from cleaning the house to wiping down dirty, sticky hands, as I’m sure you will find out quickly!

Diaper cream – This diaper cream is super safe for using on your baby. I love using products that make me feel good about using them on my little one!

Diaper pail – When I first thought about buying a diaper genie or some kind of diaper pail, I didn’t think it would be worth it. I thought, why not just use a regular garbage bin?

I was wrong. This thing was so worth it. It keeps all the smelly diaper stench in, something you’ll definitely want once your little one starts eating solids.

Change pad – I never bothered with a whole change table. Instead, I used a changing pad on my son’s dresser. It saved space and was a lot more convenient.

The diaper bag I use also comes with a portable change pad for those diaper changes on the go, or around the house.


Diaper bag – I always rave about this particular diaper bag because I wanted something that was stylish and practical.

I knew I was going to be carrying it around for the better part of the next few years, so I wanted something that I wouldn’t mind doing that with.

This one is amazing. It has lots of space, a portable change pad, lots of pockets, and it is great quality that won’t break the bank.

Car seat/travel system – I opted for using a travel system like this one. I love the fact that I can go right from putting the car seat in the car, to attaching it easily to the stroller.

I also love that I don’t have to take my baby out of it all the time, I can just grab the whole seat.

Baby carrier – Especially in those early days, when baby does not want to be put down and you still need to get stuff done, these are amazing. There are so many benefits to baby wearing for both your baby and for you.  

There are lots of different ones to choose from. Some are more like wraps, others have buckles that are adjustable and snap easily into place.

Look for a program or Facebook group near you that allows you to rent them to try, so that you can decide which one you like before investing in it.


baby smiling in bath tub from registry checklist

Baby body wash – This is another one of those products you want to be super safe about using on your baby. I love this baby body wash!

Towels – Honestly there are lots of cute baby towels out there, and I totally recommend getting one or two! But you can definitely just use regular, smaller towels.

I love little baby bathrobes too. They are great for getting your little one warmed up after getting out of the bathtub. Babies hate to be cold.

Bathtub – I used this baby bathtub and I love it. It’s a great transition bathtub for as your baby grows!

I also have heard amazing things about these blooming bathmats for using in the sink!


Nail clippers – You can get whole nail kits for babies, or whole health kits that include these in them. You may not necessarily need everything in the kit, but it can’t hurt, and you will need baby nail clippers.

Babies have super sharp, little nails and they grow so fast. When they’re little, they flail their little arms around and scratch themselves (or you). Keeping them cut is a must!

Baby hairbrush/comb set – This is super helpful for brushing and combing out cradle cap during bath times. You can also use baby oil to help with cradle cap, as well as a milk bath.

Milk baths have so many benefits, including help with skin issues like cradle cap.

Thermometer – As much as we hate thinking about babies being sick, sometimes it happens.

Babies’ immune systems are super immature when they’re teeny tiny, so have a thermometer around to check their temperature and to know when to call your doctor.

Here is a whole health kit with all of these included.


Footie pajamas/sleepers – Is there anything cuter than a baby in an adorable little sleeper?! I don’t think so!

These are great for making diaper changes easier. I love the zipper ones, because they are super easy to zip up quick on a squirmy baby.

Socks – Your baby won’t need shoes until she starts walking. But she will need something to keep those little feet warm. Enter the most adorable, tiny baby socks!

Scratch mittens – As I said before, newborns tend to flail their arms around a lot. With those sharp little nails, they scratch themselves and you. Scratch mittens will help keep those scratches to a minimum.

Onesies – When my baby was smaller, he lived in onesies and sleepers. Onesies are great for putting under sleepers and other outfits in the cold winter and are super helpful for quick diaper changes.

Hats – We’ve all seen little baby beanies around, and especially for newborns who can’t really regulate their temperature quite yet, they are super important for keeping a baby warm.

Plus, they are just so cute!


Swing/bouncer – We had this bouncer. I loved it because it had two bouncing settings and I didn’t have to do any of the bouncing myself. It was also easy to move around when you need to put your baby down but need to keep them in view.

Some babies prefer swings, and those are great too!

Bassinet – I loved having my son in our room for the first bit of his life. We actually moved our son into his own room a little earlier than recommended (after talking to our doctor), and he slept better in his own room, right across the hall from us. This worked better for our family at a certain point.

Some babies sleep better in the same room as their parents, and some parents prefer to have their babies in the room with them. It’s even recommended for the first six months to a year of a baby’s life.

Pack and play – I didn’t have one of these for my son’s first few months of life, but I wish I did. It would have been awesome for naps downstairs, and I would imagine it would be nice for transitioning baby into his crib. Mine didn’t have a problem with that, but lots of parents do find it helps.

There have been times where it would have been easier for us to have one for sleeping at other people’s houses, or any kind of traveling, but we didn’t have one, so it limited us.

Some even come with a bassinet attachment, so you can just use a pack and play instead of a bassinet. Most also have a change table. It really does make life easier.

Soothers – Soothers are for just that – soothing. The sucking motion sooths babies, and it helps a lot of babies sleep as well.


Nipple cream – Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt. But it most likely will as you and your baby learn to navigate the challenges of nursing.

The first few weeks and months include a lot of cluster feeding, so your baby is on the boob non-stop. It’s not an easy part of the newborn life, but it’s necessary for your milk supply to establish itself. Practice makes perfect when it comes to breastfeeding.

All of this wreaks havoc on your poor nipples. I loved this Earth Mama nipple butter. It’s organic and works wonderfully.

Breast pads – As your milk supply establishes, or if you have a bit of an oversupply, leaky breasts tend to happen. Breast pads soak up all the leaks, so you’re not stuck in uncomfortable wet clothing.

You can get disposable or reusable ones.

Pump – I just use this Avent hand pump for the most part. I don’t tend to need or use bottles unless I am going to be away from my son for a feeding.

If you are going to be pumping more than a bottle or so a week, Medela Advanced Electric one comes highly recommended!

I also cannot say enough about the haakaa. It’s completely hands free, all you have to do is attach and watch the milk pour in.

It’s been great for storing up a bit of a supply for the odd times I do need a bottle and doesn’t cause me to produce more than I need for my son, like pumping does.

Bottles – My son loved these bottles from the start, and still loves them months later. I love that they are slow flow, making the transition from breast to bottle more natural.

Bottle sterilizer – If you’re only using bottles or using them often, I would definitely invest in one of these. It makes things quick and easy – necessary during mom life.

I tried my best during my pregnancy to only get things that I really thought I would need. I still ended up with some things I still wouldn’t have purchased if I had known.

If that happens to you, don’t stress too much! You can always sell or donate things you didn’t end up using.

Either way, stick to your mama instincts. Whatever you don’t get before the arrival of your baby, you can always get later.

I hope this list helps you out mama!

These are all the things I had on my baby checklist and actually used!

everything you will need for your baby registry checklist

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