Holztiger vs Ostheimer: 7 Pros and Cons to Help You Choose!

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Trying to decide between Holztiger vs Ostheimer? Here’s everything you need to decide which wooden animals are right for you.

So, you want to buy hand carved and hand painted wooden animals and figures, but you don’t know which brand to choose?

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No worries boo! I’ve got you.

I’ve compiled all of the differences between Holztiger vs Ostheimer wooden toys to help you make your decision.

Holztiger dog and cats in a row

Holztiger and Ostheimer Differences

1. The Materials

Ostheimer toys are made from certified wood. They don’t specify what kind of wood they use, but they state it is certified wood.

Holztiger toys are made from maple and beech wood. Their toys have a top coat which make them feel smoother than Ostheimer. Ostheimer uses the more natural organic feel.

2. The Look

Ostheimer and Holztiger are very similar in what they are, but they each have a distinct look. Ostheimer toys look a little more abstract. They have more curves and have more definition on different boy parts like arms and legs.

Holztiger animals are more detailed. They have mouths and eyes, ears, stripes, claws, hair, noses, feet, spots, speckles, patterns, and feathers painted on. Their bodies are flat on the sides.

3. The Price

Ostheimer and Holztiger are both high quality wooden hand carved toys, and they cost a lot for a reason.

When you compare these amazing works of art to plastic toys, I completely feel they’re worth the high price tag. Plastic toys are not necessarily cheap either.

I prefer to invest in toys that will last for generations, are handmade, and feel good to hold.

Between the two brands, Ostheimer products cost about a third more than Holztiger. I’ve included a picture with the cost comparison between the two brands.

4. The Variety

Ostheimer by far has a better and wider collection than Holztiger. They have about the same variety of animals, but Ostheimer clearly outshines Holztiger with their figures.

They have tons and tons and tons of different amazing figures. Here are a few of the figures they have:

  • Father 1
  • Father 2
  • Mother 1
  • Mother 2
  • Son 1
  • Son 2
  • Daughter Playing Flute
  • Son Playing Flute
  • Daughter 1
  • Daughter 2
  • Toddler 1
  • Toddler 2
  • Baby
  • Farmer
  • Farm Wife
  • Shepherd Boy
  • Goose Girl
  • Shepherd Boy Small
  • Shepherd with Staff
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Rider with Horse
  • Rider with Horse 2
  • Horseman
  • Rider
  • Horse Woman
  • Girl Rider
  • King
  • Queen
  • Prince
  • Snow White
  • Princess
  • Princess for Frog King
  • Dwarves (crystal, aquamarine, emerald, topaz, ruby, rose quartz, amethyst, Bodo)
  • Hansel
  • Gretel
  • Witch
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Hunter
  • Startaler
  • Mermaid Lying
  • Nightwatchman
  • Mermaid Sitting 1
  • Mermaid Sitting 2
  • Knight Riding Red
  • Knight Riding Blue
  • Black Knight
  • Knight Standing Red
  • Knight Standing Blue
  • Market Woman
  • Crown Prince Without Sword
  • Lady-in-Waiting
  • Daughter of the Castle

They also have a complete creative set where you can paint the figurines however you’d like. It’s that incredible? I had no idea they had so many figures. I didn’t realize this when I started purchasing Holztiger, because this fact alone might have swayed my decision.

5. The Durability

From everything I’ve read about both brands, Holztiger seems to be a little more durable and long-lasting than Ostheimer. If you have little kids who will be playing with them like I do, I’d recommend Holztiger. I wouldn’t want my little children to scratch of dent the amazing Ostheimer animals. If you have children who are a little older, I’d choose Ostheimer.

Group of Holztiger giraffes, chickens, polar bears, cats, a duck, and a penguin

6. The Size

Overall, Holztiger animals are bigger than Ostheimer. I like the bigger animals, because they’re easier for little hands to hold. I never worry about my children choking or losing Holztiger because they’re bigger.

Ostheimer toys might be a tad more realistic in size though. For example, the Holztiger owl is not the right size when you compare it to the other Holztiger animals. I don’t mind it being bigger though. If you do, go with Ostheimer.

7. The Availability

Holztiger animals seem to be much easier to get your hands on. To get Ostheimer toys, you usually need to signup for restock notifications so you can try to beat out other people to order them.

I’ve been able to find most of the Holztiger animals without any issues. I’m sure as my collection grows however, it might become more difficult.

Ostheimer farm animals (Holztiger vs Ostheimer)
Source: Imer How

Quick Facts About Holztiger vs Ostheimer


  • Smoother feel
  • More durable
  • Happier look
  • More reasonably priced


  • More wood features
  • HUGE variety
  • More natural feeling
  • Minimalistic style
Holztiger Farm Animals (Holztiger vs Ostheimer)
Source: Curious Mamas

My Conclusion

You can’t go wrong with either Holztiger or Ostheimer toys. They are both handcrafted. Both are sustainable and natural. Also, both are finely made and will last multiple generations.

So how do you choose? Go with whichever brand has more of the qualities you’d like. I personal prefer the look, durability, and price of Holztiger, but I like the fact that Ostheimer is the longest toymaker still in production and I absolutely love all of the figures they make. So, like I said before, both are great choices!

If you need more information about either, I’ve written posts about Holztiger and Ostheimer toys that include everything you need to know about each brand.


What wood is Holztiger?

Holztiger toys are made from maple and beech wood.

Where are Holztiger animals made?

Holztiger toys are made in Europe.

What are Ostheimer toys?

Osteimer toys are wooden animals from Germany that have been hand carved and painted. I have a whole post all about them here!

What wood is Ostheimer made of?

Ostheimer toys are made out of certified wood.

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Final Thoughts on Holztiger vs Ostheimer Toys:

I hope you like these wooden animals as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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