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Tubby Todd Review + 10% Off Coupon

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We’ve been using Tubby Todd products on our babies for years and love them. In this Tubby Todd review I’ll go over each of the natural baby products we have from them and what we like about them.

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We started using Tubby Todd products on my babies when they were about 4 months old.

The first products we had were the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment, Hair and Body Wash, and Everyday Lotion. We’ve had a lot more products we’ve loved since then, like their Mineral Sunscreen, belly oil, and more.

We haven’t tried their chest rub or diaper rash cream though.

They also have other fun baby gear, like their Toddler Bucket Hat. We have one for each kid and they look so cute in them!

They both have sensitive skin, so we’re glad that we could find products that don’t irritate their skin or make it worse.

Why we love Tubby Todd

  • We’ve never had an allergic reaction using Tubby Todd. We’ve had these with other brands, so this is a big one for us.
  • Free of parabens, preservatives, sulfates, BPA, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and toxins.
  • Using these products has helped my daughter’s eczema and it got rid of my son’s cradle cap.
  • The products are safe for newborns and even adults. People of all ages can use them.
  • Tubby Todd products are made in the USA.
  • Their products are cruelty-free.

Overview of Tubby Todd Bath Co

Tubby Todd has been around since 2014 and was started by a mom who had kids with sensitive skin and eczema. You can read all about the founder on the Tubby Todd website.

Something I love about this company is how much they understand that not every product works for every skin type. If your child has a reaction to one of their products within one month of purchase, you can return it to them for a refund.

It’s also very easy to find out what ingredients are in each product and what their purpose is in that product. View the complete list of ingredients here. They also have free shipping on orders of $50 or more in the United States.

We’re not the only people who love Tubby Todd. There are over 13,000 5 star reviews. You can see those here.

All Over Ointment

a hand holding a container of tubby todd all over ointment against a white wall background

This ointment comes in a little tub. It comes in different sizes, but I have the 3.5oz tub. It does not have a fragrance, which I know is important for some people.

It’s really thick and luscious. I use this on my babies when they have a spot on their skin that is super dry.

For months my son had 2 spots on his head that were really dry and flaky. We tried different lotions, but nothing ever helped.

After using Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment for just one day, his dry cradle cap spots were gone and have been ever since.

All Over Ointment can be for adults too. I like this ointment so much that I use it on my skin sometimes. My hands can get really dry from washing so many baby bottles, so I love to put a little of this on them to help.

Babies don’t always need lotion after a bath, but it is good to use a small amount of unscented lotion if they have dry skin (source).

Some of the ingredients in it are even organic, like the camellia leaf extract.

We absolutely love this product and always make sure we have some! I hope this Tubby Todd all over ointment review has been helpful for you.

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Hair And Body Wash

tubby todd hair and body wash lavender rosemary scent on a grey cloth background

We have the Tubby Todd Hair and Body Wash in the Lavender Rosemary scent. I love the smell of this soap! I think lavender smells amazing and I actually like the subtle rosemary scent with it.

We use this on our babies every time they take a bath. It lathers really well and makes for a nice, soapy Tubby Todd bath to get our babies clean. You don’t even have to use much and it almost looks like a bubble bath.

It contains all plant based ingredients and comes in two different sizes. We have the 8 oz size. We use it on our babies bodies and in their hair. It makes their hair really soft.

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Everyday Lotion

a hand holding the tubby todd everyday lotion that is lavender and rosemary scent against a white wall background

The Tubby Todd Everyday Lotion scent is Lavender Rosemary, just like the Hair and Body Wash. I love how the lotion and soap are the same scent.

After we give our babies a bath, we do spot treatment with the All Over Ointment, then we put the everyday lotion everywhere else. They’re so soft and smell so good afterwards.

We have the lotion in the 8.4oz size. It also comes in a 25oz size. I think it’s a great scent for nighttime since lavender makes you sleepy.

This is my favorite scent of the products I talk about in this Tubby Todd review. It also comes in a fragrance-free scent and a lemon creme scent. We also have the lemon creme scent and it smells amazing!

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Dream Cream

The Dream Cream is the most recent Tubby Todd product we’ve gotten and we love it so much. It is thick and luscious. The scent is very subtle, but I definitely smell it when I’m putting it on my babies’ skin.

It has a few scents in it, but the ones I really smell are the cucumber and mint. This is one of my favorite products from this Tubby Todd review.

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Bubble Bath

We’ve had several scents of Tubby Todd bubble bath. They all smell really nice and make lots of bubbles for bath time. I’ve used it in my kids’ baths and in my own.

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Club Tub rewards program

Join Tubby Todd’s Club Tub to earn rewards and save money on future purchases. You get 250 bubbles aka points for signing up, 5 bubbles for every $1 spent, 100 bubbles for submitting a review, 500 bubbles for your birthday, 100 bubbles for following their Instagram, and 100 bubbles for sharing them on Facebook.

How much does it cost?

Tubby Todd products cost more that the average baby skincare product. You can save some money by buying the bundles and getting a few products at a time.

In the small size the All Over Ointment costs $16, the Hair and Body was costs $15, the Everyday Lotion costs $15, The Dream Cream costs $16, and the Bubble Bath costs $15.

Is Tubby Todd worth it?

I highly recommend using all of these Tubby Todd Bath Co Products I’ve talked about in this Tubby Todd review.

They cost more than generic brands you’ll find at bigger stores, but I promise that they are worth the extra money. The ingredients in them are so much more clean and better for you.

I am happy to spend the extra money on these products because they work really well for my babies. I’ve bought other brands of baby lotion in the past that have been so watery and don’t do much for dry skin.

I hope my Tubby Todd review has been helpful for you and your little one!

Is Tubby Todd good for eczema?

Many people have had success treating eczema with Tubby Todd, specifically their All Over Ointment. We use it on my daughter to help prevent her eczema from flaring up.

How do you use Tubby Todd All Over Ointment?

Rub as much as is needed on your baby’s dry skin. I suggest starting with a small amount and adding more if needed because a little goes a long way with this product.

Does Tubby Todd help with cradle cap?

The All Over Ointment is what finally cleared up my son’s cradle cap. To remove it we used the hair and body wash to wash his hair, scrubbed it with a soothing cradle cap brush, then applied Tubby Todd All Over Ointment to his scalp after the bath. It was gone after one use of the All Over Ointment.

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