6 communication tips to help you succeed in making new friends

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The older you get, the harder it seems to make friends.   

As a child, most people can easily make new friends, even having a lot of close friends. However, as an adult, due to many factors, making friends is no longer an easy thing. If you’ve ever been in an awkward situation, not knowing how to approach someone you’ve just met or someone you’ve admired for a long time, these helpful communication tips are for you.  

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1. Emphasize commonalities

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The foundation of a friendship is the common ground, such as having the same interests, hobbies, etc. So by talking about the similarities, you not only have the opportunity to talk freely with them. , expand the topic of the conversation but also create a sincere connection. 

The thing to keep in mind is that you should let the story unfold naturally. You don’t have to force yourself or exaggerate the facts just to find common ground with that person. 

2. Ask questions 

Contrary to the belief that in order to impress others we have to be funny or talk a lot about things we find interesting, people tend to talk about themselves. Therefore, the secret to helping you connect with a stranger is to ask lots of open-ended questions. This way, they will feel more cared for, thereby giving them a feeling of wanting to share and connect with someone who respects them. 

3. Praise  

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Compliments are powerful, especially when you apply them to strangers because they can be surprised and even appreciative. Therefore, a sincere compliment is a good start in building a relationship . However, to make the communication more effective, instead of complimenting them on their appearance, fashion style… you can give compliments about their work and personality . The key is that you shouldn’t develop a conversation based solely on praising them. Just 1 sincere and natural compliment, you can make a strong impression on the opponent. 

4. Hints for help

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One of the things that distinguishes friends from casual acquaintances is emotional and sometimes even material support. This is also why letting someone know that you are available to help if they need it is a great way to reach out and make friends. If they mention moving to a new place, you can suggest helping them move. If they are stressed, you can invite them out for coffee or a movie . What’s even better is that the two of you can help each other achieve a common goal. 

With this communication secret, you show your partner that you are trustworthy, caring, and supportive, thereby creating a deeper connection between the two of you. 

5. Keep a sense of humor 

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Humor or laughter is also one of the important factors not only in friendship but also in many other relationships. Humor is not only a charming and witty way of speaking, but also a sense of comfort when together. You can tell them a joke or talk with inherent humour. This will give them an overview of your personality, knowing you’re just making fun of it and don’t mean to offend. 

The key point is to let yourself be relaxed and happy naturally. This is also a way to find out if the other person is similar in personality to you. 

6. Straightforward 

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While this strategy can be very hurtful, being direct is still a powerful communication technique when you want to befriend someone you’ve admired for a long time. If you want to quickly interact with someone you want to get to know better, you can immediately share that you want to make friends and want to invite them out for a coffee, a meal, etc. This is not “weird” like you. I still think, on the contrary, this is a sign of confidence. 

The truth is that in most relationships, the beginning is always a source of suspense and fear. So the other person will feel more relieved to know what you are thinking and want from them.  

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