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13 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Life

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What does it mean to want to have a better life? Isn’t it different for everyone? 

Sure it is! But there are still some things that every single one of us wants. And that is to live a life with as little fear, anxiety, worry or pain as possible.

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This list of 13 things you can do now to improve your life is not filled with advice on how to earn more money or to live healthier or to accomplish any individual goal you`ve set for yourself. It`s a list of things you can start doing today that will make you ready to deal with different life situations and, therefore, achieve any goal.

Think of your life as a company you`re just starting to run. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What are you going to do with those weak points to upgrade it and make it more successful? In the end, every company has a vision and a mission. What are yours?

As you`ll be reading the list of ways to improve your life, instead of looking for reasons to why can`t you do something, try looking for answers on how you can do it.

Also, it is very important to know that you can start with only one thing and then when you`ll be ready, you can start implementing new things that will upgrade your life.

1. Know what you want

Would you be happy if you had a different job? Would it be enough or you want more? What exactly do you want to change, add or improve in your life?

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This is very important if you want to move forward. If you don`t know what you want in life, it`s like you`re driving a car, but you don`t know where you`re going. Don’t just wander around. Have a goal.

2. Create a (morning) routine

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” – Zig Ziglar

Most of us already follow some kind of routine, but does it make us productive? Happy? Confident? Again, don`t just do things for the sake of doing it. Give them a meaning, plan them out. There`s a great satisfaction that comes from doing little things well.

For me, having a meaningful morning routine is essential for my inner peace and productivity.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Being with positive people keeps you happier. And happy people tend to enjoy more successes in every aspect of life – work, relationship, and even health.

On the other hand, negative people `suck` the energy out of you with their negativity and bad points of view. So, if you want to have a better life, choose your company carefully.

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4. Be a good person

The biggest reward you get for being a good person is your inner peace. That alone should be a reason enough for you to want to be like that. Also, when you`re good and kind, you receive the good and the kind.

But remember, you can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

5. Accept the things you can`t change

Your job, your routines, the way you think, react, live your life are all the things you can change and make your life better.

But your past, the people around you, your family are either things you can`t change or they require so much of your time that you should really think not twice, but few times if it`s worth the effort. Even if you see the light at the end of the tunnel, will you `investment` pay off?

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So many of us waste time to help someone we care about when that person didn’t even ask for help and doesn`t want to be `rescued`.

Your time is valuable, so choose carefully what (or who) will you spend it on.

6. Have your own charger

There is no such thing as a happy life without the self-care part of it – which means knowing how to find your inner peace. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, taking the time for yourself every day is crucial if you want to be more productive and happy at the same time. In fact, the busier you are, the more you need it.

If you think you don’t have time for it, you need to change your priorities and find time for yourself.

It doesn`t matter if it`s watching Netflix, reading a book, drinking coffee with your friend or a long bath. All it matters is that it relaxes you.

Remember, all you have to offer to the world is yourself. You don’t have anything else you can give. To give your best, you need to take care of yourself.

7. Be grateful

Don`t take your life for granted. Don`t be greedy. Be satisfied with what you have. Do you know how many people in the world would be happy to live as you do?

Of course, it is absolutely fine to go for more, but not because you`re not satisfied with what you have. Go for more because you think you can do it.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are a normal part of life. Actually, if you haven’t made mistakes and failed in life, the success will not delight you.

However, if something didn`t work the first 3 or 4 times, you probably need to change your approach. Don`t repeat things that previously didn`t work.

Again, you`re wasting your time and energy. And even more important, you put yourself down again and again because you`re getting the same result every time.

You should either accept it the way it is or change your approach.

9. Don’t feel sorry for yourself

Not feeling sorry for yourself goes along with being grateful. If you`re grateful, you would feel silly for ever feeling sorry for yourself.

I`m going to ask you again: Do you know how many people in the world would be happy to live as you do?

10. Eat like you really love yourself

Food can be both our best friend and worst enemy. And whether we like it or not, embracing healthy eating habits is simply a must.

11. Have a point of view that works in your favor

Everything in life starts from a certain point of view. Every feeling, every failure, every success… 

Having the right point of view means that you have to look at things in a way it will take you to where you want to be. If you are not there, or you are not heading that road, change the way you look at the thing that is stopping you from moving on.

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12. Look for inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere around us. It is just a matter of your point of view. You can be inspired by a stranger, a colleague, a person you see on TV or even a child.

Look at other people success as an inspiration.

13. Learn from each day and be a better person tomorrow

How often do you look back and review your life over a certain period of time? How did you act, react and basically led your life? What can you learn from it to make you a better person tomorrow?

These are 13 things you can do start doing today to have a better life. How many self-improvement books and articles have you read until now? Isn`t it time to start with the self-improvement part?

It`s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, are you ready? Are you inspired?

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