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Why Cruising is My Favorite Relaxing Vacation

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I’m the type of person who plans vacations well in advance, in anticipation of a time in the future where I will need a BREAK. Some people take trips to find adventure. I take trips to find simplicity, ease, and calm.

Cruising is my vacation of choice lately, as I’ve found that on one of those big boats, you can be as busy or as un-busy as you want to be. The people I travel with (you know, my husband and kids), can do what they like, and I can do what I like.  Perfect.

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Here are the exact reasons why cruising is my favorite relaxing vacation.

Why cruising is my favorite relaxing vacation.

Child Care is Included.

I love hanging out with my kids. Really I do, but it wouldn’t be a vacation for me if I didn’t have some grownups only time. On a cruise, there is all day child care available. My kids absolutely love it. They do crafts and science experiments. They explore the ship. They have so much fun there that they melt down a little bit when I go to pick them up, and the first thing they want to do in the morning is go back there. Win-win! While they are enjoying themselves, I can sit in a pool chair with a drink and a book. Or I can eat lunch with my husband. Or I can go do my next favorite thing:

There is a SPA on the Boat.

Massage, acupuncture, nails, hair, facials. They do all of that, and they do it very well. It costs extra on most cruises, and I find it to be more expensive than if I booked the same services at home,  but if you want to spend an hour in total bliss, stop in to the spa on your first day and get a service or two on their books. They will take excellent care of you, and you’ll emerge calmer, clearer, and ready for the rest of your vacation.

There’s Always Something to Do.

So I know I’m talking about relaxing, but while I’m doing all of this relaxing there often comes a brief period where I NEED to go do something fun. Luckily, on a cruise there is literally always something to do. Trivia in one of the lounges. An outdoor movie near the pool at night. Live music. Comedy shows. Shopping. All of these things are super low key and you can come and go as you please. Absolutely perfect for me with my anxiety. I don’t like being stuck at anything.

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Cruising really is the best relaxing vacation! Want to check out prices and itineraries? Get the best deals on cruises by shopping through Cruise Critic! They find the best cruises at the best prices.

Tell me! What is your favorite way to relax while on vacation?

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