Cruising With Kids – (another) Review of Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas

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If you’ve read my previous post about our first cruise with our two girls, you’ll remember that we had an amazing time cruising with our kids! Such an amazing time, in fact, that we decided to do it again with another short Caribbean trip on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas!

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UPDATE: 2020 was a mess, and cruise lines have been shut down for many months now. As of this note, cruises should be resuming in June 2021!! This means that we haven’t been on a cruise in a couple of years now. We are booked for early 2022 with the kids again and they are PUMPED. If you’re considering a cruise, I recommend booking now for your next sailings. Things will start to fill up and prices will go up as people start to realize that cruising is available again. 

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Favorite Things With Kids on Enchantment

Here are a few more of our favorite things on this boat, especially what we love as a family cruising with kids.

Our second family cruise with kids on Enchantment of the Seas stopped at Coco Cay and Nassau. It was only a three night sailing, so there weren’t any sea days, but there was still plenty of time to explore the ship and enjoy its amenities.

Junkanoo Beach in Nassau: a local favorite!


Enchantment of the Seas - Kid Friendly

The first thing I like about taking kids on Enchantment of the seas is that it is, by comparison to many of RC’s newer ships, fairly small. Children have short legs, and just can’t walk as fast and as far as adults can. Even on this ship, my little one whined about having to walk too much. Her shoes were uncomfortable, she was tired, etc. An Oasis class ship would have been too much for her at this age (4). And since this ship only does short 3 or 4 day sailings, the size of the ship doesn’t limit you or keep you from enjoying yourself. There is still a lot to do, and you won’t have enough time to even see everything on the boat in 3 days.

My kids think that airports are fun. I hope that stay that optimistic for ever 🙂 Here they are very early in the morning, waiting to board a plane to Florida.  Southern FL is our preferred cruise port to leave from, since we have family there that we can visit with.  This time I bought them Wiki Sticks to play with on the plane. I highly recommend these for traveling! So fun, and no mess.

cruising with kids - Royal Caribbean Cruising with Kids - Airport

Cruising with Kids on Enchantment of the Seas

I asked my kids what their favorite parts of our trip were.

Adventure Ocean.

Royal Caribbean’s Kids club is their favorite place to be on the ship. Here they play games, do art projects, STEM experiments, and more. They ask to go there right after breakfast, and I have to drag them away later. Then the go back there after dinner so that the grown ups can enjoy some of the nightlife on the ship. They finish up exhausted, (she looks so tired in this picture!) face paint-ed, and ready for bed after a quick snack from the Solarium.

Adventure Ocean - Enchantment of the Seas

The Dance Floor

We sort of have this tradition. Each night before dinner in the Main Dining Room, We take the girls to the Centrum on deck 4. This space has a nice bar, on and off live music, and a marble floor for dancing! The girls like to spin around in their dinner dresses, dance with Dad,  and typically entice more children to join them. It’s tons of fun and adorable to watch.

Dancing Enchantment of the Seas - Royal Caribbean with Kids

The Beach!

Royal’s private island beach, Coco Cay has been a favorite stop on all of our cruises. No need to book an excursion, plenty of sand, water, and beach chairs, and as many pineapple drinks as you can afford! Pro Tip: Those pineapple drinks are NOT included in your drink package. You’ll get a bill at the end. So avoid them if you’re not interested in paying $15 for a drink!

Last year we swam for hours and played on the beach. Next year we plan to enjoy the renovations to the island. I cannot wait to see what’s new. Check out Perfect Day on Coco Cay. It looks AMAZING! 

There are no water slides or candy stores on Enchantment of the Seas, but that doesn’t mean that this boat isn’t perfect for a family trip. I can have fun on ANY cruise ship – it’s all about enjoying what you have and not worrying about missing out on anything. Enchantment of the Seas has proven to be a fun and relaxing vacation for my family twice now. The first time we went with 4 other families with kids. This last time we went with my parents and sister and brother in law. There really is something for everyone on this ship.

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A review of cruising on Enchantment of the Seas with small kids.

A rare night view of Nassau from the ship. We had to return the port for a medical evacuation. I hope that person was ok, but this picture is just so amazing I had to share it with you. 

Something else you’d like to know about taking kids with you on a cruise? Ask in the comments!

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