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8 simple healthy changes to improve your well being

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To continue self care week we are focusing on being healthy. Being in good health makes life easier and more enjoyable. It also doesn’t have to be that hard. I find that making simple healthy changes that can make a big overall difference to your health.

These little simple healthy changes are easy to do and to stick with instead of making huge changes and trying to overall your life. Little changes stacked on top of each other can make a big difference.

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A few simple healthy changes to start today

1.Get enough sleep: 

This is so utterly important. Your body will perform better and you will be healthier if you get the rest your body needs. It’s hard to be positive if you are cranky from not enough sleep. It’s not a sign of strength to be someone who is going 24/7. In my opinion, it’s a sign of weakness because you are saying everything else is more important than I am so I’m going to keep on going even if it’s hurting me. Your life and your productivity will suffer if you are too tired to do your best work.

2. Have pets:

Not everyone is a pet person but I always have been and my animals bring such joy to my life. We are especially feeling this now with a new puppy at home. We got him 3 weeks ago and although he is a lot of work his presence is such a joy to our family and he makes us all so happy. Here is information on the health benefits of having pets.

3. Eliminate stressors in your life: 

I’ve found that these can be people or places or specific situations. My stressors will be different than yours will be. It took me time to figure out what mine are and what I need to deal with them. There are certain people in my life that I need to really enforce strict boundaries with because if I don’t I can be walked over by them and they can hurt me.

So for my sanity and health, I have to make sure I have rules in place of what I will and won’t tolerate and also limits placed on time spent. It took me awhile to realize that for my own happiness I have to be careful how and with who I spend my time. Not everyone needs to have a place in your life and if there are people who bring you more pain and stress than joy maybe it’s time to eliminate or at least reduce the time spent with those people.

Here are some signs of stress you may be ignoring. Becoming aware of when your body is under stress will help you to be better able to eliminate. Getting rid of stress is a great simple healthy change that will improve your life and well being.

4. Walk more:

This is one that I know is true but I don’t do enough of it. Walking or getting more exercise is so important not only for your physical health but also for your emotional health and well-being. This is one area of my life that I am going to try to work on improving. Starting small with just increasing my physical activity a little bit at a time and getting myself to move more.

5. Drink more water:  

Drinking water is such an easy way to improve your health. For years I drank way too much soda and like no water. Then I started using a Britta Pitcher and adding flavors to my water and not only did I drink tons more water but I spent less money by not drinking so much soda.

Drinking water helps clear your skin, can help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

6. Eat Breakfast:

It seems so odd that eating breakfast every morning can help you be healthier, but it is true. By eating a healthy breakfast your body has more energy all day long helping you burn more calories. Not to mention it sets the tone for the day ahead. Prepare yourself a simple breakfast meal, like cereal or a smoothie and after a few weeks see the changes that begin to take place.

Making time for breakfast and eating it daily is a great example of simple healthy changes that are easy to do but make a difference.

7. Eat at home more:

As fun as eating out is it can also be really bad for your budget and your health. Meals in restaurants or especially fast food is much higher in calories and fat.

So make an effort to make more of your meals at home. This will let you eat healthier and meal planning is easy and can save you money.

8. Spend time meditating

In an earlier post this week we discussed meditating. If you want to be healthier this year making time to meditate will help you feel better and improve your life and physical and mental health.

These simple healthy changes won’t take a lot of effort to incorporate into your life but they will make a big difference. So start working on them today

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