How to Embrace Healthy Habits when Everyone around You Hasn’t

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You’ve finally made that important decision and are highly determined to succeed in your undertaking. Still, however strong your determination, you’re very likely to hit an occasional rough patch, especially when people around you aren’t embracing the same healthy habits. Here’s how you can help yourself overcome such obstacles.

Finding the right company

You need to introduce more physical activity but it’s hard to do it without company? You can ask your spouse, partner, or close friend to join you if they’re interested. You’ll both be enjoying each other’s support, doing something good for your health. Another option is finding an organization or club that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle, and attend healthy nutrition and cooking workshops to surround yourself with people with similar goals, who are likely to understand what you’re experiencing and share some useful advice.

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How to introduce more physical activity

You don’t have to exhaust yourself to unconsciousness or engage in tedious workout repetitions. The point is in the movement. Don’t force yourself to go to the gym if it’s something you don’t enjoy, as it may produce a counter-effect and lead you to avoid workout in general. Instead, you can opt for something you’ll find pleasant, indoors or outdoors. That may be jogging, swimming, taking your dog for long walks, or whatever else that fulfills you. 

You can also keep your family more involved in what you’re trying to achieve by going with them to a local park and playing football, volleyball, or simply playing with your children. That way, you will be teaching your kids to develop healthier habits too by showing them the merits of fun outdoor physical activities.   

Results you won’t have to wait for too long

You can start your transformation by first acquiring habits where the results are visible after a brief period, such as meditation, giving up smoking, or regulating your sleep. It won’t take long for you to feel the positive effect or having good sleep habits, as you will feel more in control over yourself, more focused, not to mention more energized and well rested when you know exactly when you should go to bed, and how many hours of sleep you need to get to feel fresh.   

Proper hydration is another undemanding beneficial habit that you can maintain fairly easily. You can make it even easier and more efficient by using a reusable water bottle. A good bottle will have measures marked on it so you can keep track of exactly how much water you’re giving your body, and meet your recommended daily intake of fluid. In addition, make sure it is made of safe materials and that it can be reused as many times as needed.

Resisting the pressure during various social occasions

Being at parties, celebrations, and similar events can be a true temptation for a person who’s trying to abandon habits that others can’t even imagine forsaking. You will likely be pressured into eating and drinking something you shouldn’t and don’t want to, criticized for your health-aware choices and decisions, and generally be met with intense disapproval. But remember that you are the one whose opinion counts, not that of others. Envision your goals and offer yourself a lot of self-encouragement to remind yourself that all you’re doing is completely worth the invested effort. Those who really want what’s best for you will offer their support and understanding.  

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Remaining on your healthy nutrition regime

Instead of having to think of two meals to prepare, one for you and one for your family members, put aside some time to look for different recipes and foods you and your spouse can prepare, that will incorporate health and taste in one enjoyable meal. You’ll all be eating healthy, and you won’t be tempted to abandon your healthy food regime when you see your children eat delicious food that you’re not supposed to have. If you need help figuring out what kind of meals could satisfy all the nutritional need that need to be satisfied, consult a nutritionist for reliable advice.

It is vital that you keep reminding yourself of the reason you’re exposing your lifestyle to such a great change if you want to reach your goal.

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