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Different Types of Camping

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There are many different types of camping that people enjoy. My family loves camping, but for us, camping means taking out or little vintage Winnebago to a nearby campground. For another family it might mean renting a cabin in the woods, and for another it might mean pitching a tent in a state park.

Are you new to camping? Learn more about how to prepare for your first camping trip.

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Here’s a pic of my old Winnie, just for fun! She’s kind of a mess, but we love her.

84 minnie winnie


When you say you’re “going camping”, what you’re picturing might be completely different than what your significant other or children are picturing. So talk it out and make sure everyone is on the same page and prepared for a camping trip that you all can enjoy together.

a tent with a chair and table, next to the water.


I think that tent camping is probably the most popular type of camping. It’s accessible, fairly inexpensive, and easy to do. Most of us probably experienced it at least once in our lives as kids, and we either loved it or hated it.

Tent camping at a campground means that you’ll have access to facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and playgrounds. Camping with a tent at a more rustic place might mean that you’re on your own for using the bathroom and finding your own fun.

When tent camping, be sure to pack a pillow and sleeping bag. Bring an air mattress or a camping pad for extra comfort. If you’re camping during hot months, you’ll want to grab a battery operated fan. This will help keep bugs off of you too!

When shopping for a tent, be sure to look at how easy it is to set up, how many people it sleeps, and if there is a screened zipper area for venting. If you are new to camping, look up reviews on Amazon before buying. Even if you’re going to buy in store, Amazon is the place to go for reviews.

a rustic cabin with a group in the front yard having  a bon fire


You don’t need to sleep on the ground to go camping anymore if you don’t want to! Glamping is considered a more luxurious style of camping, and can come in different varieties. Glamping usually includes more amenities than regular camping, and generally means you’ll be sleeping in a cabin, yurt, teepee, or even an RV.

Glamping is for people who like the idea of camping, but don’t want to give up things they see as necessities, like electricity, and sometimes even air conditioning.

Glamping experiences are often available at larger campgrounds, or private campgrounds that specialize in glamping.

a midsize RV set up at a campground. A woman sits outside with her dog, reading a book


RV camping is for those who like to travel (and sleep!) in style. There are many ways to go camping with an RV. You can rent an RV for less than it costs to stay in a hotel, but you have to consider gas prices and lot or campsite prices.

There’s definitely a learning curve to understanding how to use an RV, and I’ve found that YouTube has been a savior for figuring out how to do things with our RV. Don’t stress too much. Remember to pack a tool box, extra light bulbs, fuses, and jumper cables. If you own your RV, consider getting roadside assistance so that if you break down or pop a tire you have someone to call and help, where ever you are. We’ve had to use ours a couple of times now. It’s well worth the money.

If you aren’t used to driving an RV, remember that it’s a tall vehicle. Keep an eye out for low hanging branches or low clearance signs.

The inside of a vintage RV, facing the dashboard


The cool thing about camping is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. If you don’t want to pack a tent and just want to sleep in a hammock under the stars, that’s ok. Many people camp and travel in vans now too. Wilderness camping is gaining popularity, so you’ll find resources to that online now that will teach you how to tame the wild. You can even go camping on a houseboat, or in a treehouse, or rent an RV on a farm and play with the animals. Try Airbnb for interesting glamping options and outdoor experiences that are all ready for you to camp!

You can google “dispersed camping” or “RV resorts” for a look into some other very different types of camping.

a tent set up next to a picnic blanket

At the end of the day, camping is about reconnecting with nature and enjoying time to yourself and with your family or whoever you are traveling with. It doesn’t much matter how you do it, just that you do. Choose one of the different types of camping mentioned here and get out there!

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