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Work Projects That Don’t Require a Computer

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I don’t know about you, but I spend a LOT of time in front of a computer. I have a really sweet home office set up with dual screens, and at any given time I have about 40 tabs open and I’m working on no less than three of them. My work as a virtual assistant and blogger requires me to be doing things on the computer mostly all day. I totally love my work, but I’m a little bit tired of constantly staring at these screens, especially right now when the weather is so nice. So here is my short list of work projects that don’t require a computer. These should be relatable to work in any industry, and I hope will help you find some time away from your screen today.

More and more of us are working at home now, even with the Summer 2021 “return to the office” craze. We have more flexibility now and I think that working away from the computer for part of the day has to be healthier overall.

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Think about it. If you’re in front of your computer all day long, what are you actually doing? You are constantly getting input. You have notifications, emails, zoom meetings, social media, your project management program. All of these things are talking to you and vying for your attention. Take some time to put that stuff on pause.

Part of your personal self-care regimen as a busy work-from-home individual can definitely include moving your work space someplace that permits an escape from the constant alerts. Even if this is only temporary, or for short bursts throughout the day, it will benefit you in the long run.

Figure out which tasks don’t require you to be seated at a computer. Then, follow your spirit someplace where creativity and relaxation can come.

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Work Tasks that Don’t Require a Computer


So yes, eventually all of your writing will need to be typed and sent somewhere electronically, but there is something so powerful about what can happen when you put an actual pen to actual paper. Sometimes my writing just flows better that way. It is often slower for me to write with a pen, so I have more time to think about my word choices.

Use your phone to do “talk-to-text” and get your thoughts down that way. You can be staring off into the sunset and still writing an article. Just go back and edit it later.

Pick up a few notebooks and some smooth writing pens so you’re ready the next time you want to write the old fashioned way.


If you need a fresh dose of inspiration, why not grab a few blank sheets of paper and retreat to a sunny corner of the yard for some reflection and introspection? Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get those creative juices flowing again.

My favorite spot lately is in my living room where I have a giant white board propped up against a bookshelf. I sit down on the floor with my dry erase markers and I do a colorful brain dump to release all of the to-dos and ideas that have been floating around in my head. 10 minutes later I feel refreshed and ready to focus on work again.

Client Calls

You certainly don’t need to take a client phone call while hunched in front of your computer screen. In fact, you could occupy a quiet spot at the local coffee shop, or even better, meet there in person for a caffeine-inspired strategy session. Even Zoom calls can be taken on your cell phone.


Yes, every once in a while we all have to suck it up and break out the paper files for organizing. If part of your self-care routine involves listening to music, why not make a fun time of an otherwise dull and monotonous job? You work from home, may as well enjoy it in your own style. I have a ton of fun playlists on Spotify that I go to when I need to clean or organize around the house. My office space needs that treatment too about every two weeks, and I have fun doing it.

Those are the non-computer work tasks that I can think of, but I’m sure there are more, maybe more specific to the type of work that you do! Leave a comment with your ideas, tell me how you get away from your computer during work and still stay productive.

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