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Spotify Playlist Names To Shift Your Mood

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I love how a good song or an hour spent listening to some excellent music has the ability to completely change my mood, mindset and/or outlook on life. Spotify is my go-to music source and I’m sharing with you the Spotify Playlist Names that I use when I need a boost.

Add these Spotify Mood Playlist Names to your Favorites!

Disclaimer: I am a 90’s kid. I went to college in the early 00’s. I made mix tapes on actual cassette tapes, and then later on burned CDs with songs from Napster. My taste in music is definitely influenced by my age, and so if you aren’t my age I can totally understand that our tastes might differ. But give it a shot. 90’s alternative rock has never let me down.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

Also a disclaimer: While there may be affiliate links in this post, I am in no way paid by Spotify to write this content. They don’t actually have an affiliate program or even a referral program! I think it’s because they don’t need to. The service is just that good!

Get My Mood Boosting Playlist!

Sign up here and I’ll send you my personal favorite mood boosting songs. These are the ones I listen to when I need feel-good tunes that are sure to make me feel better on a blah day. You’ll Love This Happy Playlist! Use the list to make your own playlist, or just grab a link to mine on Spotify.

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So I have a paid Spotify account (a gorgeous gift from my hubby a year ago) and I love it. No ads, and some cool features like personalized playlists just for me. Since we have Premium Duo Plan (I think of it as a couples account) it also makes us blended playlists based on our favorites so we can listen to music together. So sweet. It reminds me of the mix CD’s he used to make me <3

Time Capsule

One of my favorite personalized playlists for me is called “Your Time Capsule”. Spotify knows how old I am, and has this ability to understand what music will take me back to my younger days. This playlist is great to give me some youthful energy.

a screenshot of a spotify playlist that includes songs from Pearl Jam, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, and Evanescence, among others.

Made for Me Daily Mixes

Every day there are 5 different mixes on my app, each a little bit different, but built using my recent listening practices and always enjoyable.

a screenshot of my Daily Mix 1 from spotify, featuring Taylor swift.

Ok, enough about that. You’re here to get some Spotify Playlist recommendations right? Let’s do that.


Spotify Playlist: Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Featuring happy, upbeat songs from John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Adele, this playlist is a must listen if you just want to feel, well, warm and fuzzy! You’ll understand once you listen to it. The music will wrap you in a cocoon or happy vibes.

Spotify Playlist: Songs We Rocked Out To

Rock anthems and Pop beats from the late 90s and early 00s always make me feel better. I like this mix for when I’m doing chores like lawnmowing or washing dishes. Also, I find it very interesting that Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” is on so many of my custom playlists. I hear that song multiple times a day now. Luckily, Spotify makes it super simple for me to tell them to stop playing any certain song that I don’t want to hear more of.

Spotify Playlist: Mood Booster: The Happy Playlist

This is a user created playlist that I really enjoy. It’s PURE HAPPY through and through.

Spotify Playlist: happy summer hippie runaway beach vibes

That name says it all right? This is another user created list that has totally beach vibes, and is really uplifting and relaxing.

Spotify Playlist: Calm Kids

This one is great if you have kids, but also just as great to listen to by yourself. Mainstream pop songs that are soothing to listen to and appeal to the whole family.


There’s an entire giant SubReddit on Reddit devoted to homemade Spotify playlists. You could spend all day here, and you’d certainly find some awesome lists!

I found these, that I’m really enjoying. I’m not going to post the usernames that made these, because that feels weird and I don’t know the etiquette, but feel free to visit and show some love if you’re a Reddit user!

Happy Classical! 🎻 I have gathered my favourite feel good happy classical tracks on Spotify. A great soundtrack for that walk in the sun, with your coffee or whenever you need that classical mood boost!”

VIBEY SONGS– mood-boosting songs that you’ll find yourself grooving to. perfect music to listen to while you’re doing literally anything.

Neo Psy – I spent 3 years curating 20 hours of chill, happy and upbeat psych rock/indie pop.

“Not Much, What’s Upbeat Witchu?†– originally created for a Florida roadtrip me and a buddy were making, this is my favorite head-bobbing, mood-boost tunes; guaranteed to lift your spirits a bit. The songs are ordered to flow into each other a little; this playlist works best without shuffling!

Party anthems – shuffle them bangers to boost the mood of social gatherings

Use Spotify playlists when you’re entertaining too! Low Key Summer Parties and Low Key Friendsgiving parties can always use some chill music in the background.

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Names For Your Personal Mood Boosting Playlists

You may be here because you’ve already created a super awesome playlist but you don’t know what to name it! I got you! I’ve collected these spotify playlist names from the depths of the internet just for you. This isn’t an all inclusive list, just the ones I found that I liked, and a few that popped into my head while writing.

Don’t stress about what to name your playlist though! Whatever you call it, the list is still amazing.

  • Mood Boosting Playlist
  • I’m in the mood
  • Warmth
  • Warm Vibrations
  • Smooth Vibes
  • Smooth listening
  • Comforting Cacophony
  • Chillout All Day
  • I’m So Chill
  • No Worries
  • Stress is Gone
  • Swaying
  • Breathe with Me
  • Music is a dancer
  • Music is my therapy
  • Happy Smiley Vibes
  • Sing Out Loud
  • Sweet Sweet Songs
  • The After Party
  • My Hips Don’t Lie
  • Shake It
  • Dance Around The House
  • Clean your Room
  • Shake if Off
  • In My Feelings
  • Chillaxin
  • Get Silly
  • Time for a good cry
  • Tears Flowing
  • Burst of Energy
  • 5 minutes for Me
  • Burn After Listening
  • Pretend I’m 23 again (or whatever age was epic for you!)
  • Grove Thing
  • Play it Again
  • High Energy Hits
  • Go Workout to This
  • Fold The Laundry while Listening
  • Monday Requires These Tunes
  • Medication for my Soul
  • Night Vibes
  • Power Beats
  • I Feel Better Now
  • Unstoppable Energy
  • Meditation Tracks
  • The weekend is every day
  • Slow Jams for Slow Days
  • Make me Happy
  • Weightless
  • Free and Happy
  • Peaceful Fields
  • 4pm Friday
  • Sunday Scaries
  • Emotional Flow
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Blue
  • It was all Yellow
  • Light my Candle
  • Mind at Work
  • Together Alone
  • All The Time
  • This is so Real
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