movies to watch when depressed

Movies to watch when you need to laugh or smile

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We are a movie family, especially my husband. We have quite a collection and watch a lot on Netflix as well. I enjoy action movies and will watch them with Blake. He’s pretty lucky that I’m not only into girly movies but like action too. I do enjoy a comedy, romance or rom-com though. So I put together a list of movies that I watch when I want to feel good. There are a lot of tear jerker movies I enjoy as well, like Steel Magnolias but those aren’t on this list. These are feel good movies. A lot of these are family friendly, though a few are more adult. 

1. The Princess Diaries

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2. Pitch Perfect

3. Mean Girls

4. You’ve got mail

5. Ella Enchanted

6. Never Been Kissed

7. The Breakfast Club

8. Pretty in Pink

9. Hitch


11. Grease

12. Dirty Dancing 

13. Pretty Women

14. School of Rock

15. Ever after

16. Forest Gump

17. Rain Man

18. Frozen

19. Ten things I hate about you

20.13 going on 30

21. The Proposal

22. Bridesmaids

23. How to lose a guy in 10 days

24.While you were Sleeping

25. She’s all that

26.Picture Perfect 

27. Adventureland

28. Home Alone 

29. Miss Congeniality

30. The Heat

31. 27 Dresses

32.The Devil Wears Prada

33. Bride wars

34. Mama Mia

35.Meet the parents

36. Legally Blonde 

37. Mrs. Doubtfire

38. Home Alone

39.The Hangover

40. Sweet Home Alabama

41. Overboard

42. ELF

43 E.T.

44. Meet the Fockers

45. Anchorman

46. Crazy stupid Love

47. Cheaper by the Dozen.

48.Big Daddy

49. You Again

50. Ted

51. Stepbrothers

52.Four Christmases

53. Baby Mama

54. Big

55. Knocked Up

56. 50 First dates

57. She’s the Man

58. 21 Jump Street

59.The Princess Bride

60. He’s just not that into you

61. Click

62. The Help

63. Office Space

64.Back to the Future

65. Maverick

66. Sister Act

67. Patch Adams

68. The Wedding Singer

69. Father of the Bride

70. Wedding Crashers

Now I know there are so many I could put but I felt like 70 was good list. What movie would you add to the list?

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