5 music YouTube channels to help you focus and relax more when studying and working

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Listening to music is an entertaining way to reduce stress and work stress. Scientists have proven that listening to music while studying and working helps the brain to focus more and remember more.

However, not all types of music help listeners focus in studying or working. Music with lyrics like Kpop, US-UK, etc. that many people choose to listen to to relax actually only makes them more distracted while working and studying.

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Listening to music while studying and working helps the brain to focus more and remember more. (Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images)

In recent times, when people are required to work from home because of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, choosing to listen to a type of music that helps relax but does not distract from work or study is definitely a good choice. what people really need. So, let’s take a look at 5 music YouTube channels to help focus more when studying and working from home during this pandemic season!

1. Listen to Baroque Music on HALIDONMUSIC

Baroque music is a popular classical music genre in Europe from the 1600s to 1750s. This genre of music is associated with many famous composers such as Bach, Handel, Telemann…

According to scientists, Baroque music is a famous music genre with a continuous rhythm but not fast or slow, about 50-80 beats per minute, close to the human heart rate, so listening to it will help slow down the heart rate. blood pressure decreased, beta brain waves decreased by 6% while alpha brain waves increased by 6%.

A specific study on learning English while listening to Baroque music gave amazing results. Accordingly, when a person listens to Baroque music and learns words at the same time, he can learn 1,000 words/day. This amount of knowledge will normally have to be learned in a whole semester. In particular, they still remember 92% of the knowledge they have learned and remember for about 4 years without reviewing.

2. Listen to soothing instrumental music on Meditation Relax Music

Science has proven that listening to music affects both the body and soul of each person, reducing stress hormones. Meanwhile, the music slows you down, calms you down, relaxes your body and soul, and thinks more clearly to make the right decisions.

During this time of studying and working from home, you can choose to listen to gentle instrumental music that both relaxes your mind and helps you focus on studying and working more efficiently. In addition, instrumental music also has the effect of increasing creativity, as well as thinking for young children, especially in the womb and at birth.

3. Listen to the sounds of nature on YouTube channel Soothing Relaxation

Music with natural melodies like the sound of flowing water and falling leaves will be a medicine to help learners improve their mood very well, thereby creating excitement for working and studying. When listening to these songs, the brain is formed a habit of more concentration and enhanced perception.

When you choose to listen to the sounds of nature on YouTube channel Soothing Relaxation, you can also enjoy the vast ocean scenery, rolling hills or mysterious starry skies, etc., very suitable for relaxing moments. stretch.

(Note: Not all nature tunes will have a positive effect on you. Some nature melodies should not be heard like: birdsong or animals… These sounds are easy to listen to. feeling headache, as well as being distracted)

4. Listen to Classical Music on Just Instrumental Music

Classical music composed by famous composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven is considered very useful while studying for exams or needing to focus on work projects.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki (Finland) have found that listening to music can alter gene function, which can lead to many great benefits including improved brain function.

In another study, a group of volunteers consisting of children aged 8-9 years old and elderly people aged 65-75 years were asked to perform a task three times but with a sound element. difference:

– The first time with Mozart’s music

– The second time with an arranged song containing inverse intervals, giving listeners a very jarring feeling

– The third time is in a quiet environment

The results showed that both children and the elderly performed better when listening to Mozart.

5. Listen to Neuroscientists on JustMusicTV

In 2012, neuroscientists in the UK studied to compose the most effective tunes to help listeners reduce stress.

Sound therapists teamed up with Marconi Union to harmonize and carefully arrange rhythms and bass to help slow the listener’s heart rate, lower blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. . This song is called Weightless.

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the actual effectiveness of this music in reducing stress. Accordingly, the volunteers participating in the study will have to try to solve difficult puzzles as quickly as possible, which causes the participants to stress to a certain extent.

At this time, the group of volunteers will listen to different music, including Weightless, and are connected to sensors to measure brain activity and physiological status including heart rate, blood pressure and inhalation rate. breathe.

The results showed that Weightless listening reduced the volunteers’ anxiety by 65% ​​and their usual physiological rest by 35%. Dr David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, who conducted the study, said: “Weightless music induces a greater state of relaxation for listeners than any other music tested.

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