13 Ways To Remove, Reduce Stress & Stress From Work

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Office workers certainly with work pressure always want to be able to eliminate stress, reduce stress, tension, fatigue and pressure. On average, each employee must complete up to 30 work projects in a year. They only have 8 hours of work per day, but the time being distracted by personal and family matters can be up to 2.1 hours / day.

4 out of 10 employees in large enterprises will face unemployment at any time due to restructuring and labor reduction policies.

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With so much pressure on one person, is there any way for an employee to have enough enthusiasm and excitement to complete the assigned work well? How to eliminate and repel Stress, reduce stress and live happily, optimistically and loving life? Let’s join Maison Office to find answers to the above questions through the article below:

1. Be in control of your own behavior

Often, we feel pressured and stressed when things are out of control. This can be explained in terms of biology: When people feel helpless, stress hormones take hold in the body. You gradually lose your confidence, leading to the ability to focus and fully focus on work.

The advice for you in this case is: Always stay in control in all your behavior.

Instead of leaning towards the other person’s behavior, always keep the initiative in the dialogue. You can be proactive in your behavior and attitude, but not with others. Always keep this in mind.

2. Take a deep breath

If you’re feeling too stressed out before an important presentation, or the pressure has left your mind blank during a high-level meeting with big bosses, the following advice will always work. calm your mind: Take a deep breath.

take a deep breath

Simply, you only need 5 seconds to inhale and that time to exhale. Try it when you have a chance, you will soon see its effects.

3. Eliminate distractions

Most of us can’t fully concentrate on our work. Because it’s phone calls, text messages, and urgent emails from customers urging us to meet deadlines, etc. Don’t those things distract you from the most important work of the day?

Here’s one piece of advice for you when faced with this situation: Accept important tasks, put less urgent tasks into other working time, or simply ignore it.

To do this requires you to know how to divide the importance and urgency of the day’s tasks.

4. Organize work in a scientific way

Instead of trying to push yourself to work frantically, psychologists recommend scheduling short breaks between tasks so that you have enough energy to get all the tasks done.

scientific work arrangement

The scientific arrangement of work should be: Fully focus on the work for 90 minutes, then a short break (at this time you can apply the inhalation – exhalation exercise as mentioned in the section above). above). Obviously this can help you remove stress from your work.

5. Eat enough sleep enough

The wrong way to eat and rest can put you in a more depressed state than you ever imagined. According to experts, a low-sugar, high-protein diet is the ideal mode for you to minimize the impact of Stress on work.

eat and sleep enough

In addition, lack of sleep is also a major cause of more than 60 million Americans feeling stressed and tired at work.

This is obvious, because you do not have enough time to recover in the best way. There is a trick for you to fight sleepiness every day: Cover your right nostril with your hand and breathe through your left nostril for 3-5 minutes.

6. Drink 1 glass of wine before sleeping

Wine is a great drink that can help relieve stress if consumed in moderation. Wine helps improve heart problems, helps reduce anxiety and thoughts.

Enjoying 1 glass of passionate red wine, sipping with some sweet fruit, listening to good music before going to bed will be a great combo to dispel all worries.

7. Change the way you look at the problem

The way you view problems can also be the cause of your mind’s inability to get rid of negative thoughts and stress. Instead of always being pessimistic about every situation, take a “step back” and think more positively.

Example: Instead of being angry that your boss didn’t approve your proposal, think about it differently: Maybe your proposal isn’t appropriate at this point? Or does your boss want you to refine your idea further to make it more practical?

8. Quickly “cool down”

When you’re “hot-faced,” anger makes you want to act. That action can be words, or even the act of “up the leg, lower the forearm”. Psychologists advise you in this case to quickly “cool down” your spirit and apply the following method: Take a deep breath out through your mouth, then breathe evenly through your nose.

keep calm quickly put out fire

When you do that long enough, the anger has dissipated, and you have enough time to calmly handle the situation in a more positive light.

9. Identify what’s causing you stress

Identifying the exact cause of your stress can be much more effective than trying to find professionals to consult.

No one will understand you better than yourself. All advice is for advice and reference only.

As you learn more about yourself, you will find that there are things that inadvertently make you more stressed, such as: The delay when completing a work task, competition with colleagues in the company or negative thoughts when looking at a problem,… and from there determine ways to reduce stress

10. Set priorities at work

It’s time to determine what your most important priorities are while at work.

As the advice in the previous section that we shared, dividing the order of tasks by importance and priority will help you organize your work more scientifically, work less stressful. and get more focused.

11. Calm down when feeling too stressed

When you feel overwhelmed and out of breath before each important event, you can quickly reduce your anxiety with the right acupressure points.

Here’s how to do it: Place your thumb next to your middle finger and apply even pressure. This will increase blood circulation, helping you to calm down in an instant.

12. Impact on others

Although most of the stressful problems come from you, there are also a lot of frustrations and discomforts coming from those around you. Experts warn you: If the problem comes from the people around you, you need to show your attitude and “correct” their behavior immediately.

influence the people around

If your coworker is constantly harassing you when you’re most focused on work, show her an attitude and ask them to stop bothering you.

13. Don’t criticize yourself

With about 60,000 thoughts going through the human brain every day, it’s natural for negativity to pop into your mind. How to fix it? Instead of being harsh and critical of yourself, try encouraging yourself.

These positive thoughts will make you solve all the seemingly hardest problems in life. Who knows, you might pass this inspiration on to others in the future!

Hopefully, with the methods listed in the above article, you already know how to gradually eliminate stress, reduce stress and pressure in work and daily life.

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