how to stop feeling overwhelmed

How to deal with being overwhelmed

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This month I am dealing with a serious case of overwhelm. I think it’s a combination of my husband starting a new job with a new schedule, me driving again for the first time in years and back to school starting. That has got me feeling seriously stressed and trying to figure out how to be less overwhelmed.

Since I hope I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed I thought I would put together a post of some of the ways I’ve been dealing with these feeling of stress and how to deal with being overwhelmed. My hope is that they will help you and remind me of how I’m coping.

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Make a to do list

I have been living by my to-do list this summer and I’m so glad I’ve made this a habit. Having a list of exactly what I need to do and get done helps me to focus and accomplish something even when it seems like I’m not getting things done. I like to keep my list on Evernote so I can pull it up on my phone when I’m out doing things.

Get enough sleep

Without enough sleep, I’d be a monster and everything that is overwhelming me would seem 1000 times worse. So I make the commitment to get the sleep I need and if I have a bad night of sleep or need to be up real early I schedule in a nap.

You just aren’t as productive if you’re tired. So what’s the point of being up more hours if those hours aren’t productive and you aren’t getting things done? So sleep more and make your hours count.

Learn to prioritize

Not everything is the most important. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by all that you need to do. Figure out what things are the most important and get those things done first. Then you can focus on the other things that are on your list.

Just take the time to focus on doing the things that will improve your life and make things better. Do those things first and then make time for the rest as you are able to do so. 

Remember this time will pass

It might seem like you will always feel this way in this moment and you can’t imagine not being this overwhelmed. Time will pass though and your situation will change and what is making you busy and stressed will change.

You just have to make it through these challenging periods and make it till you can feel more relaxed and steady. So take each day one at a time and get done what needs to get done. Remember to take care of yourself and find out how to be less overwhelmed in a way that works for you.

Just make sure that you focus on your health and well-being so that you can continue to get done what needs to get done and make accomplishments. I know that this period of overwhelm that I’m in right now is only temporary. I don’t want to lose momentum with my blog and business. So I’m just trying to take care of myself and manage my stress so that I can

I don’t want to lose momentum with my blog and business. So I’m just trying to take care of myself and manage my stress so that I can grow my blog even during this rough patch.

How do you deal with being overwhelmed and times of stress?

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