Being thankful for help and support when dealing with crisis

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Have you heard of the movie Miracles From Heaven starring Jennifer Garner? I had wanted to see it in theaters but didn’t have the chance to, it came out on DVD recently so we grabbed a copy at Walmart over the weekend.

Today my husband and I got the chance to sit down and watch it together. Having gone through my own scary health situation a few years ago. When I suffered a stroke out of the blue at the age of 25. I know how it feels to deal with such a huge crisis and how it can change your life and really put a new perspective on things.

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In the movie, the Beam family has a sick daughter and they go through a lot with trying to get her diagnosed and treated. Of course, the young girls parent and sisters are worried and stressed as you can imagine. I remember being stressed and feeling very overwhelmed by what had happened to me.

Out of nowhere I was hospitalized for a month and had to go through countless tests and although they knew I had suffered a stroke trying to figure out why took a lot of testing and being hospitalized. It was very scary for me being that I had never liked going to the doctors or hospital. The only night I had ever spent in  the hospital before that was the night my daughter was born. 

Of course, her birth was a good experience and I knew it was coming. Being rushed to the hospital and being made to stay there a month was scary and overwhelming. Though now six years later I can look back on it and see what I learned and gained from the experience. 

Miracles From Heaven really shows you how this family had to go through this horrible thing to learn to appreciate each other and what they have. I get that because I felt many of those same things. It’s why I am so incredibly grateful to have the people in my life who supported me and helped so much during that terrible time in my life. 

First would be my husband. I really don’t think I could have handled my stroke and the last six years if he hadn’t really stepped up and gone all in with sticking by me through everything. So many marriages fail when a spouse has a stroke or other health emergency and I get it. 

What you go through is so big and everything changes so fast. Overnight I became a different person. That first year to two years I was so mad at the what had happened and depressed that I was different. Our marriage changed and our roles changed. I needed to learn to deal with what happened to me.

After that first year or so though things got better. Now we both agree that the stroke really saved our marriage and was a miracle for us. We got married and had our daughter when we were young and we were immature. My stroke forced us to grow up a lot and really start depending on each other and being a team and not two individuals in life.

 Also, we are both very grateful for our families and all the help and support they gave us. Isabella was only 3 and a half when I had my stroke so we needed a lot of help with her and everything. My parents and sister came to the hospital right away to help care for Isabella while Blake was still kind of in shock to his wife being hospitalized. Then his mom flew into town to help Blake out. We had just moved into a new apartment so his mom and sister got us moved out and to my parent’s house because I was going to need to move into their home whenever I was discharged. 

They got us all moved out and took care of Isabella a lot when Blake had to work so my parents could focus on taking care of me and their businesses. If it was just my husband and I I don’t know what would have happened during that time. He would have had to try to move us out go to work and take care of a 3-year-old on his own. Plus take care of himself and have his wife in the hospital. 

This movie really got me thinking about what it was like to go through a crisis in my family and how it made me so grateful for the help and support we received. I hope that if you ever go through something in your own life that is a big challenge and struggle that you have people you can turn to for help and support. 

I really enjoyed watching Miracles From Heaven and although an emotional movie it had a lot of heart and was uplifting. You can pick up your own copy from Walmart like I did.

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