11 ways to reduce stress help you protect your mental health!

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Life is more and more modern and hectic, people are busier and more stressed. It can make our spiritual life more dry, even more negative. So which stress reliever will work for you? Let’s walk with YouMed through this difficult period!

11 ways to reduce daily stress

When faced with difficulties, stress, stress , people often get swept up in that vortex. Sometimes these negative emotions can make you feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to find a way out of them. If you’ve ever experienced that feeling, do the following stress-reducing steps every day. They will help you to build a healthy mental life, avoid facing constant stress:

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1. Meditation – effective way to reduce stress

Your day will become more energetic if you spend about 20-30 minutes meditating. Meditation is like a tonic for the spirit, helping you to reduce anxiety and stress. During meditation, let your body relax and focus on your breathing. By doing this, disturbing thoughts about the everyday world will automatically disappear.

Find yourself a quiet place, a reasonable amount of time, sit up straight, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Meditation as a tonic for the spirit, an effective way to reduce stress
Meditation as a tonic for the spirit

2. Get enough sleep

Everyone knows that lack of sleep can be a major cause of stress. The average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day. This is the time it takes for the brain and organs to recover. The way to reduce stress is quite simple, but not everyone can sleep early and get enough sleep.

In case you have trouble sleeping, you can try the following trick: put electronic devices out of your reach, turn off the lights and let yourself close your eyes before going to bed. Sleep will be easier for you if you are not exposed to too much blue light from devices.

3. Start your day healthy

Mornings can affect your mood all day long. Therefore, instead of lying on social media every morning, try getting up, folding your pillows and eating scientifically. Not only that, waking up early will bring a huge source of positive energy to us. You will have more time to work, do the things you love, with the people you love.

So, try going to bed early and getting up early to have time to eat scientifically and do what you like. You will be surprised at the changes in both your mind and body!

4. Create a comfortable living and working space

Have you noticed when working in an uncomfortable chair, or too much noise can make you more frustrated and uncomfortable? So, create your own space, so that whenever you need to focus or relax, you can go there. If you’re at the office, place items that can relax you at your desk. It can be a small potted plant, a small stuffed animal, etc. However, don’t put too many things in the place where you work, clutter, cramped sometimes also cause stress!

In short, do what you can to create a quiet, comfortable, and soothing workspace.

Let's create a quiet, comfortable and light working space
Let’s create a quiet, comfortable and light working space

5. Stay away from conflict

Conflicts and conflicts will significantly affect your physical and mental health. However, it is not possible to completely avoid contradictions in daily life. You can limit the occurrence of conflicts and conflicts by avoiding gossip and gossip about others. Instead, think, say, and do nice things. This is an effective stress reliever that you should apply every day.

6. Listen to music

If you’re feeling claustrophobic when you’re having a problem, try taking a break and listen to relaxing music. Soothing music has a positive effect on the brain and is a quick way to reduce stress . If you don’t like listening to these music, you can try listening to the sounds of the ocean or nature.

Try it now, you will be surprised at the ability of music to soothe the soul!

7. Talk to someone you trust

When you feel stressed, try taking the time to talk to someone on the phone. An honest conversation is especially effective in relieving anxiety. A reassuring voice, or simply the person’s presence, can help calm you down.

But make sure it’s the person you trust the most!

8. Talk to yourself

You should spend about 2 hours a week doing nothing. This stress reliever may sound crazy, but this is your chance to talk to yourself. Ask yourself why I am stressed, what can I do to relieve it. Then make a plan and get to work. This is the most effective way to reassure yourself from anxiety.

You should spend about 2 hours a week doing nothing
You should spend about 2 hours a week doing nothing

9. Eat right

When we are anxious, we often forget to eat well and often eat sugary, greasy snacks. However, did you know that eating healthy can reduce stress and fatigue?

Try to stay away from greasy snacks. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables, they are always good for health. Or you can eat fish, it contains high levels of omega-3, which helps reduce stress. A tuna sandwich is really a brain food.

10. Smile more

You may not know it, but laughter releases endorphins that improve your mood. Even if you’re nervous, smile, because it tricks your nervous system into making you happy. This stress-reducing method is simple but will bring quick results.

11. Exercise

When you exercise, the blood circulates, releasing endorphins, which improve your mood almost immediately. It is not necessary to go to the gym to improve health. Taking a short walk around the office or simply getting up and stretching during breaks is a 30-second stress reliever for you.

4 Simple Steps When You’re Stressed

Above are ways you can apply every day to avoid stress and anxiety. So in a specific situation, how do you overcome your stress? Let’s continue reading 4 steps below!

Define the reason

First, stay calm and feel deep inside your body. Ask yourself what is causing you anxiety and find the root cause. Remember to identify the main cause and be specific.

Ask yourself what is causing you anxiety and find the root cause
Ask yourself what is causing you anxiety and find the root cause

Deciding whether to act?

Done, you’ve found the cause of your stress. So try to assess whether they are within your control? Is there anything you can change to make things better? If it’s beyond your control, gently let go. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t change it, it only makes you more stressed.

Make a plan to deal with the issues under control

Taking action is a way of transmitting positive energy, helping you feel more secure. For issues you can control, plan each step to take. You may not be able to solve the whole problem, but it can also significantly reduce anxiety. Remember, do your best to do the things you can control!

Accepting results is a way to reduce stress

Once you’ve done all you can, whatever the outcome, just let it go. There’s really no regrets if we tried our best to solve the problem, right? So, be proud of what you’ve done and love yourself more than you! Learning to accept is also a  way to reduce stress !

Be proud of what you've done and love yourself more
Be proud of what you’ve done and love yourself more

In short, anxiety and stress are quite common problems and almost everyone has to face. YouMed has given you a full dose of spiritual healing therapies. However, if you’ve tried these stress-reduction strategies and still need help, you should see a psychologist. They can help you have a happy, stable life again.

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