Having a predictable morning routine can help ease morning anxiety.

How A Routine Can Help Ease Your Morning Anxiety

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Morning anxiety is the worst. I go through waves of daily morning anxiety, and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Learn more about how sticking to a healthy morning routine can stop the cycle of morning anxiety. 


Suffering with morning anxiety is absolutely exhausting. It is like your list of pros and cons becomes all cons. Or you worry about events that are completely unlikely to happen to you or anyone you love. The time that could be spent improving your situation is usually spent worrying about what could happen next. Wondering about those types of things is like throwing a log on the fire that anxiety is burning in your heart. Anxiety does not ever expect joyful things to happen to you. It is all about focusing on the negative and seeing the dark side of life. Believe it or not, many people with anxiety are super positive people, they just have a problem with worry. They want to enjoy more of life but their brains are uncooperative. For me, morning anxiety starts me off on the wrong foot. If I start my day anxious, I tend to stay anxious all day, and I’m always grateful to find ways to ease and cope with morning anxiety. 

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Nowhere is this worry more prevalent in your life than in the morning. The morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and unfortunately when you have anxiety sometimes that day can become difficult right from the moment you open your eyes. This is no way for anyone to live. In order to get some different results from your mornings, and alleviate your morning anxiety, you’ll need a routine. Morning routines can change the way you look at your mental health management, and for once, it is in a good way. Here are a few reasons why you should give establishing a morning routine a try.



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For many people with anxiety, the fear they feel is often the fear of the unknown. What’s going to happen, will I be ok? These are ordinary parts of the human existence, but anxiety takes that experience and replaces it with a sense of dread that you can feel every morning. When you have a morning routine, however, you have some measure of predictability that can really help you to feel more comfortable in your morning scheme.




Going to a meeting or a presentation without being properly prepared is totally embarrassing. Seriously, it is one of the things that will completely throw off your mojo if you are put on the spot. Just like we feel like we are being put on the spot when we are leaving our house without being prepared for something big, we feel the same when it comes to our morning routines. The routine is our preparation for the day and it shows us where we need space for improvement. It will help you to know what you spend too much time on, and what isn’t a priority at all. Going into a day more prepared will help you to have a whole day with less anxiety, and that’s really the goal, isn’t it?




What you do in the morning, as mentioned before, sets the tone for the whole day. When you have a predictable routine, not only does it help you to prepare for what is coming at you in the day, it also gives you a chance to pace your day at a speed that works for you. Your morning routine is your cue to get started on your day, and having something familiar to work through allows you to slow down your day or speed it up as needed. That morning routine is going to set the whole day up for success. You are in control now, your morning anxiety is not. 


Creating routine isn’t done overnight. Experiment with what works best for you. If doing some activities or chores first thing in the morning bothers you, leave it for later in the day. Remember, creating a morning routine is all about what makes you comfortable, and takes you into the rest of the day feeling safe, secure, and less anxious.


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** As always, if you find yourself with anxiety, depression, or any other concerning mental health issue, please reach out to your doctor or local crisis service center. I am not a doctor, and nothing on this blog should be considered medical advice. **


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