How To Improve How You Feel About Yourself

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It’s inevitable, we will all have days where we’ll feel less than perfect about ourselves. Our hair is frizzy, our jeans don’t fit right or we just aren’t thrilled with what we see in the mirror. This is a totally natural and normal way to feel – sometimes. If this feeling is happening too often, you should look for ways to improve how you feel about yourself.


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Low self-esteem affects so many of us. Statistics have shown that over 85% of women report suffering from low self esteem, regardless of how well-off or attractive they are.

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Does this mean that we are all doomed to live and die in an unhappy state of not liking ourselves? Heck No! Fortunately, the battle of self esteem can easily be won. Humans are creatures of habit. How can you overcome a pesky habit? By taking action.


Negative self-thinking is a learned habit that can be conquered by changing the way you think. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to heighten your opinion of yourself and live a life of purpose.  


The three tips here are sure to improve how you feel about yourself and boost your self esteem. Try them for a few weeks and see how you feel


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Tip 1: Repeat Daily Self-Affirmations


Positive self-affirmations are an excellent way to identify your strengths. In fact, a research study found that individuals who practiced positive thinking after receiving a serious diagnosis of an illness were better able to process the information and develop positive coping strategies.


If positive self-thinking can assist with life-altering illnesses, don’t you think that it can help you to develop a positive self-image too? Definitely! Let’s try it.


How do you practice self-affirmations?


It’s simple. Just repeat to yourself reasons why you love yourself. Many like to stare in the mirror and list their positive qualities daily. Others find success with writing down five to ten of their favorable traits in a notebook or journal.


The key here is to focus on what you appreciate about yourself; not others. This exercise is all about YOU. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of feeding your mind with positivity, you will find that the previous negative voice (the one that tells you you look bad, or you won’t be good at that thing, or whatever other nasty things) will be silenced. Changing your thinking is crucial if you want to raise your self-esteem. Have you heard the advice, “Fake it ‘til you make it”? Eventually, if you keep telling yourself that you are awesome, you will start to believe it. It won’t happen immediately, but little by little your self-esteem will improve and your confidence will shine.


Here are a few of my favorite self-affirmations:

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Tip 2: Live Well


Living well isn’t limited to engaging in exciting activities or making tons of cash. It’s a deeper connection to your body, mind, and spirit. The foods you consume have a lot to do with your moods. Feed your body healthy, whole foods so that both your body and brain can work at full speed. Being mindful of what you put into your body will make you glow from the inside out!


In addition to eating well, engaging in some sort of physical activity is beneficial to your overall health. Getting outside and soaking up some sun will boost your serotonin, also known as the happy chemical in your brain. When you take care of your body, you’ll see changes in how you view yourself. You’ll become stronger both mentally and physically.


Whether you realize it or not, exercising can have a great impact on your mental health.

Tip 3: Choose Your Company Wisely


Self-esteem starts from within. However, surrounding yourself with positive people will only help to encourage you to continue to think happy thoughts about yourself.


Choosing friends and significant others who honor your strengths and acknowledge how great you are creates a healthy space. The danger in attempting to improve your self-esteem while surrounding yourself with negative people is that their negativity will eventually rub off on you. You’ll begin to live in that space of negative thinking without even realizing the repercussions.


People who inspire you, motivate you and challenge you are friends that will support your self-esteem. They respect you, so they would never intentionally attempt to put down your character. After you’ve established a firm hold on how you view yourself, it will be easy to attract like minded people who think similarly.


Feel Good About Yourself. Now You Have the Tools!


You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Why not make the experience a great one! We all have so many unique talents and opportunities to give to the world. It’s only right that we see the beauty that exists inside of ourselves.


By making the above tips a form of habit, you’ll be well on your way to improving how you see yourself and living a purpose filled life.

As always, I want you to make positive life changes because I know that you have the capacity to be AMAZING! Start with knowing that about yourself.

Leave a comment – Tell me one positive affirmation that you can start saying to yourself today. 


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