You Have to Start Somewhere

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It is my firm belief that ANYBODY can do something to change their life for the better at any time.

I believe this because I’ve seen it happen – both for myself, and for those around me.


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A single mom of 3 living on social services who starts an online business so she can buy school supplies.

A college dropout, struggling with addiction, who says “no more”, and gets himself into treatment.

An unfulfilled housewife who starts creating art to fuel her soul and give her greater purpose.

A lawyer who walks away from a 6 figure career to be an entrepreneur because she craves freedom.


And then there are the people who CAN’T do anything to change their lives. They continue doing the things that that they do every day, wondering “Why isn’t anything changing?” “Why am I constantly suffering?” “Why is my life so hard?”

You cannot continue to do what you’ve always done and expect to get different results. And you can’t rely on time, other people, or luck to somehow change your circumstances. The only way to make changes is to DECIDE to make them and then actually follow through on a plan.

And really, even if you don’t follow through 100% on your plan, you’re still going to see improvement in some area. I think many people get caught up in an “all or nothing” conundrum. They see a big goal and think that it looks impossible. So instead of working toward it, they avoid it all together because they are afraid to fail. I get that! I do it all the time! It’s the single biggest reason for my procrastination.

“Fear of Failure is my biggest reason for procrastinating”


Here’s the thing that I’ve learned though: Even if you only START working toward a goal, just the act of starting will build confidence, show you that good things are possible, and give you something to be excited about.


Today I want to challenge you to start something.

Make the phone call, buy the training course, research what needs to be done, or ask someone for help. Take one step toward a goal that you have, and take that step as far as you’re comfortable taking it. When you’re done for the day, reflect on how you feel.

Are you proud, anxious, excited, satisfied, scared? Any of these feelings are normal when you start something new. If your feelings are negative, think about why. Likely it’s due to the overwhelm of something new, and will get better as you continue to work toward your goal.

Leave a comment – Let me know what you want to work on today. What are you starting? 


Share this! Your friends will love it...

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