3 Benefits of Unplugging from Social Media for a Day

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Social Media is an amazing thing.  Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, and all of the other platforms are useful, interesting, and somewhat productive tools that you’d be crazy not to utilize.  You carry all of them around in your pocket or purse and can access them anytime you want! That’s super convenient, but can also be super stressful.  And while I would never condone someone unplugging from technology completely, I believe that there are benefits to taking small breaks from Social Media.  I have discovered three seriously important benefits of unplugging for a day that will make you consider trying it, and soon.

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You’ll Find Time that you Didn’t Even Realize was Missing.


Have you ever timed yourself while scrolling Facebook or Instagram?  I doubt you have, because if you did you would be surprised to realize that in the amount of time you spend aimlessly reading social media, you could probably be completing some other large real-life task.  When you do decide to unplug for a day, consider making yourself a to-do list.  You could even organize that closet that you’ve been wanting to clean out for years!


You Will Feel More Peaceful.


Take some time to think about how stressful social media can be.  There are the political posts, the people who are constantly involved in some sort of drama, and the negative Nancy’s who seem to enjoy making other people feel awful.  On top of that, there is a sense of jealousy and disappointment that can come with seeing others post about their successes or things that they have that you want.  Imagine going a whole day without any of that baggage! I’ll bet your blood pressure goes down and you sleep like a baby.


You’ll Realize the Importance of Being Present.


You can read blog posts everywhere about why it’s important to put your phone down when you’re with your kids or your spouse.  Those people are important to you – and you should want to be 100% present for them.  Even if you aren’t sure that you want to be 100% present, unplugging your phone for a day will force you to do it.  You might notice something about your family that you missed before.  Or you might actually hear one of them thank you for playing with them.  

I know that there are more benefits to unplugging from technology, and I’ve even read about legitimate health benefits, like improved sleep, improved mood, and lower stress hormones.  In my experience though, the emotional benefits like improved ability to relate with people are much more profound and noticeable.  


Overall, I think it’s important to remember that social media is not your only link to people.  There are people around you all day that you can make real connections with, and those connections might just be exactly what you need.  

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I’d love to hear about your experiences with taking a short break from social media.  Have you ever tried it?  What did you get out of the experience?


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