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7 Simple Ways to Fill Your Life with Positivity

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Try some of these 7 super easy ways to bring positivity into your life. Filling your life with positivity doesn’t need to be a difficult task. You can add positivity in small doses, or really amp up the happy and add a lot of it at once. It’s ok either way.

Most of us have a lot of stress in our lives today. Some of it is due to the fast-paced society that we live in and some of it is self-inflicted due to who and what we choose to spend our time with. The fact is, misery loves company. If you want to live a positive and happy life, surround yourself with positive things and positive people. The more positive energy you manifest into the world, the more positivity you’ll get back.

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7 Simple Ways to Fill Your Life With Positivity Today

I’m not talking about any sort of technical or difficult processes today. Just a few little things that will make a difference in the amount of positivity in your life.

Keep an open mind while reading, and imagine yourself making one of more of these changes. Fill Your Life with Positivity with These Simple Tips.

Quit the Negative Self-Talk

 If you want more positivity in your life, start with the way that you talk to yourself. When you feel your mind go toward negative self-talk, change it around to positive. Instead of, “I am fat,†change your words to, “I am healthy and I am eating right to make myself even healthier.†Even if it’s not immediately true, the more you tell yourself it’s true, the more you’ll seek to make the behavior match the feeling.

Here are some more examples of positive self talk:

  • “I am capable and strong. I can do difficult things.”
  • “I can’t control what other people think of me, but I can control how I respond.”
  • “This is an opportunity for me to learn and grow.”

Every time you talk to yourself in a positive way, you’re adding more positivity to your life!

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Reorganize and Decorate Your Home

 If you currently live in disorganization and clutter it can be very difficult to think positively. Try to work on one room at a time to redesign your life so that your surroundings are uncluttered and attractive.  I like to do this: Grab a garbage bag. Set a timer for 10 minutes. The goal is to fill that garbage bag. It can be trash or donations, but almost everyone can find one garbage bag full of things in their home that they don’t need. Do this once a week for a month and you’ll be 4 trash bags lighter! 

Another small change you can make is to hang up a piece of art in a new spot. Somewhere where you’ll see it often and enjoy it. Plants are also amazing for brightening up spaces and moods. Grab a small plant the next time you’re at the grocery or hardware store, or order some plants online.

Listen to Happy Music

 Find the most uplifting and positive music that you can find and put it on your play list. Try listening to the positive and happy music at least once a day. If you can figure out what time of day you are generally prone to negativity, try listening to that music before that time comes. 

Do you plan an instrument or like to sing? I bet if you did that more often you’d be happier too.

Some of my favorite Spotify happy playlists are below, and check out my post of Spotify Playlists that Boost my Mood:


Read a Lot of Happy and Positive Books

 There is no shortage of positive books to read in the library or on Kindle. I’ve also been known to play a positive audio book in my car from time to time. Try to read or listen to one positive book each month. I’ll link to some of my favorites at the end of this post.


Find Positive People to Make Your Friends

 Remember that positive people generally want to hang around with other positive people. Therefore, if you want to meet more people who fit that description, you’ll need to focus your thoughts and actions more on the positive than the negative. Otherwise you’ll turn them off and they won’t want to be around you, which could backfire on your new positive world.

If you’re looking to expand your friend circle to invite more positive people in, consider joining a club, team, or group and put yourself out there! is a great place to find these. You can also find like-minded people in Facebook groups or even Reddit subreddits.  Find people that lift you up.


Practice Daily Affirmations

 Sometimes practicing affirmations seems corny and weird, but the truth is that it works for building positivity in your life.  You can use the mirror to practice self-talk out loud, or you can use a journal to write down five good and positive thoughts every single day to help you focus your thoughts in a positive direction.  

Another great way to get started with positive affirmations is to listen to someone else read them to you. YouTube has many of these types of videos available. Here’s one of my favorite creators, Jason Stephenson. He makes great nighttime meditations too.


Set Specific Goals for Yourself

We’ve talked about Goals before, yes? Whether your goals have to do with diet, exercise, business, or self care, set realistic and specific goals that have a timetable so that you know when you’re supposed to be done with the goal. Write down the goal and the steps that you’ll take to reach the goal. Then add it to your calendar. Alternately, just make a “To-Do†list. Feeling accomplished will automatically make you feel more positive. 

There’s a really fun printable to-do list in my Etsy shop. Don’t click that link if you don’t like swears 😉


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Learn some quick tips to add more positivity to your life.

Surrounding yourself with positives is something that you absolutely can accomplish. Choose one thing at a time to work on, giving yourself a time limit on when you will accomplish adding every one of these positives to your life. You will be glad you did it.

Recommended Self-Help Books: 

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