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5 Reasons to Buy Plants Online

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You love plants and you want to buy some for your home, but you’re not in the mood to go to the store. Fortunately, there are plenty of online stores that sell plants by mail! These sites offer a wide selection of both common and exotic plants-from succulents to orchids-and they’ll deliver them straight to your door. Buying plants online is an easy and fun way to get all of your favorite houseplants quickly and easily.

I love buying houseplants both at local stores and from online retailers. The local stores are super fun and I love meeting the owners and supporting small business. However, there are just some plants that are rare and hard to find, or I want a specific variety that I can’t get in a store. This is where online plant shopping is perfect! Also, like we saw in 2020, sometimes in store shopping is just not possible. Here are 5 more reasons that you should buy some plants online.

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1. Buying plants online saves you time

One of the best reasons to buy plants online is that it saves you time. Not only can you save gas money by online shopping, but you can also avoid driving around looking for the perfect plant.

2. You can buy a wide variety of plants, including exotic ones online.

All of the plants you could ever want can be found online, and a lot of them are so expensive at stores. When shopping online, you are able to get prices that are lower than retail. You’re also able to buy exotic and hard to find plants for less because it’s not as expensive to ship. Searching for specific plants in brick and mortar stores can eat up a lot of time. Buy plants online instead.

3. Online retailers have low prices

When I buy plants from an online retailer, I’m always positively surprised by the price! They have such low prices because they don’t need to pay for overhead like big-box retailers do. This means you get top of the line plants for a fraction of what they might cost in your local store. Plus, shipping is often free or low cost.

4. Plants are delivered to your door for convenience

One of the benefits of buying plants online is that they are delivered to your doorstep for convenience. You’ll save gas money because you won’t need to leave the house. If you’re buying houseplants for your mental health, sometimes not needing to leave the house is a blessing.

5. Online stores offer great deals on their products and often include discounts and sales that aren’t available in-store

The best way to save time and money when buying plants is online! Online retailers offer great deals on their products and often include discounts and sales that aren’t available in-store. Signing up for each stores mailing lists will also give you special sales and coupons that you can use later.

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Tips and Tricks for Buying Plants On Line

When it comes to buying plants online, there are a number of things that you might want to keep in mind to make sure that you have the best possible experience.

Most importantly, always opt for stores that offer free shipping– if the nursery has additional costs for shipping, then you will have to spend more money than anticipated. Also, if you’re ordering from a store with international shipping options, make sure that the origin and destination country allow plant imports. Personally, I’ve never attempted to order plants from outside of the US, but I can imagine that it can be done, with difficulty.

Generally speaking, the best time for plant purchases is late winter/early spring– this way you’ll get your plants just as they start to flower. Avoid ordering plants in the middle of a hot summer or a cold winter if you can.

Take a look at the shops’ return policies and guarantees. There are problems that can occur with shipping and handling of plants, and you want to make sure you can return or get a refund if the plant arrives dead or dies shortly after arriving.

Pro Tip: Buy the heat packs. Good online plant retailers will offer to include heating packs in plant shipments during cold months. Some will do this at no cost, others will charge for it. If you live in a cold climate and are ordering plants in the winter, they are likely to get frozen during shipping if you don’t do this. Heat packs are usually just a few bucks, and well worth it.

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Best Places Online To Buy Plants

There are many benefits to buying plants online! Check out these six places where I’ve found amazing houseplants online.

Links below are affiliate links. If you decide to buy anything after clicking this link, I may earn a commission. Thanks so much! – this is my go to starting place when I want to buy a new houseplant online. really has everything. You can shop by plant type, lifestyle type (Pet friendly, plants for beginners, etc.) or by room! They offer flexible shipping, which means that you can tell them when to deliver your plants so you can make sure they don’t sit on the porch for too long.

Cellar Door Plants – With new plants added every week, you’re sure to find something you love! Right now I spy a Pothos Silver Splash for under $17! The also offer trendy and beautiful planters, hangers, and more.

Succulents Box – did you ever wish that you could get a surprise box of succulents sent to your mailbox every month, starting for as little as $5? can do that for you! This subscription box has excellent reviews, gives back to causes, and ships from Southern California.

The Sill – For trendy plants sold both with and without planters, The Sill is the place to go. I just ordered a Bird’s Nest Fern and I’m so excited to get it! They also offer a monthly plant subscription that gives you a plant and a ceramic planter for just $60/month.

Amazon – As always, you can find pretty much everything on Amazon! Check out these houseplants on Amazon for Prime shipping.

ProFlowers – ProPlants is a collection of fresh plants that are perfect for gift giving and delivered right to your giftee! Treat yourself with the gift of a new plant by ordering a Lucky Day Money Tree or an Elephant Eat Alocasia.

Enjoy Your New Plants! There are many reasons to buy plants online, even if you have a local nursery or plant shop that sells them. The biggest reason for me is that I can find special and hard to find plants at online stores, but the other benefits mentioned above are awesome too! Pin this Post to refer to later!

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