4 secrets to enjoy the pleasure of eating

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Keeping these 4 simple tips will help you regain your full love of eating.

Eat what you like, like what you eat

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People who have a passion for food always have a list of favorite dishes and fully enjoy each dish whenever they have the opportunity. Try to recall the appetite and eagerness you’ve had with which foods and make a list of “closet” foods. In other words, eat what you like.

Enjoying food is also something to learn. Just like lovers, when you really love someone, you will spend time with them, care and respect them. If you want to enjoy this pleasure, practice treating food like a lover, that is: enjoy it with passion. 

Ignore worries and insecurities outside the table, practice eating slowly, chew well, prolong the eating time and pay attention to enjoy each dish’s taste, ingredients, color, and layout. It is no coincidence that men think that a woman looks sexiest when she eats well because then she looks full of life and passion, even though it is passion for… eating. 

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Don’t be afraid to try new foods

Having a list of favorite foods doesn’t mean you’re not receptive to new foods. Boldly stepping out of the comfort zone and willing to experiment with exotic foods is also a way to enjoy life. 

When traveling to a new land with a completely unfamiliar cuisine, do your best to learn and allow yourself to taste all the specialties. Your culinary knowledge will increase and you will enjoy the pleasure of eating wherever you go. Moreover, receiving local cuisine is also a way to show the cultural integration ability of a civilized tourist.

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Courage to face digestive problems

Poor digestion is also one of the reasons why you have many difficulties in eating. Problems like constipation or diarrhea often make you uncomfortable with unfamiliar foods. If digestive problems become severe, you should consult your doctor for the right treatment. 

In addition, you should get into the habit of drinking a bottle of fermented milk (Yakult) every day to help replenish beneficial bacteria and limit the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to balance the intestinal microflora and prevent common diseases such as diarrhea or constipation.

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Learn how to cook your favorite food

Make your own favorite dishes, collect new recipes and enjoy the pleasures of food enthusiasts. The joy in the process of choosing ingredients, the feat in processing and decorating the dishes will help you feel happy when you sit at the table to enjoy the results you make.

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