52 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

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With international women’s day right around the corner, I asked myself when was the last time I actually treated myself without feeling guilty that I have something more important to do or somewhere more important to be.

Well, to be honest, I think the last time was before I became a mom. After that, it has been a whirlpool of taking care of the baby, the house, trying to get out of debt, getting pregnant again, saving for the new baby… 

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So to NOT go crazy, I made myself a list of different ways to treat yourself, even when you’re low on time or budget. And if you’re in desperate need of some “me†time too, check it out below.

Why do you need to take care of yourself first?


Although taking care of your kids up to the age of 2 is a common practice around here, there is still a popular belief that stay at home moms don’t do anything all day. We just play with the kids, nap when they nap and spend most of our time gossiping with other moms on the playground.

But as you well know, contrary to this common misconception, taking care of kids and home is a lot of work. And a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, when this stress builds up, the most probable people to take it out on are your hubby and kids. The only sure way to avoid this is by keeping the stress as low as possible.

To put it in other words, when you take care of yourself you’ll be a happier and more confident person. And a happy mom will be able to take much better care of her loved ones.

So stop feeling guilty and start treating yourself!

52 ways to treat yourself…

when you’re on a tight budget

  1. Take a long hot bath.
  2. Take a 5-minute breather. Just close your eyes, relax, and sort your thoughts.
  3. Light some candles and incense.
  4. Cozy up. With your favourite blanket and a cup of hot chocolate on the couch. And it would be perfect if you could add a warm fire to the mix.
  5. Meditate. 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening can do miracles.
  6. Soak in the sun. In the backyard or on the balcony, it’s beneficial for both your health and your mood.
  7. Enjoy a walk in the park. Nature greens can be very soothing.
  8. Listen to your favourite music. Even better if you have a soundproof headset. Bonus points if you sing along.
  9. Dance around the house
  10. Watch an episode of your favourite TV show.
  11. Watch a movie you love.
  12. Browse old photos. It always feels nice to reminisce about the good old days.
  13. Read a book
  14. Go to bed early.
  15. Sleep in late.
  16. Take a nap
  17. Choose your next vacation destination. If you start planning it early you’ll have something to look forward to.
  18. Define a goal and start working towards it. Starting a bullet journal could help to see it through.
  19. Invite a friend over.
  20. Call your mom. Or your grandma, sis, cousin, you get the idea.
  21. Call a friend you haven’t heard for a while. Don’t let busy schedules keep you apart.
  22. Play with an animal. Their unconditional love and gratitude are so rewarding.
  23. Do some exercises. There are great mobile apps with plenty of ideas for a quick fitness session at home without any equipment.
  24. Dress up. Put on your favourite outfit even if you’re not going out.
  25. Get rid of the clothes you don’t like or that don’t fit. Who knew decluttering could be so satisfying.
  26. Compliment yourself. Learn to embrace the woman looking back at you from the mirror.
  27. Teach your kid/s a game from your childhood. It’s a great way to both reminisce and bond.

when you want to let a bit loose

  1. Stock on bath bombs. And dive in the hot bath of course.
  2. Get a manicure. When was the last time you had your nails done professionally?
  3. Get a pedicure.
  4. Get a blowout. Or a whole new hairstyle.
  5. Get a facial. Personally, I love the feeling of a cool peeling mask on my face.
  6. Go to the gym.
  7. Have a cocktail.
  8. Have a glass of wine. For optimal result combine with a selection of cheese.
  9. Take up a new hobby. Or give an old one another chance.
  10. Sign up for an online course. For work or pleasure, anything non-kids related will do just fine. If you’re looking for a great variety of engaging courses, check out Skillshare.
  11. Buy yourself flowers. Then leave them in the room you spend the most time in to enjoy them for days.
  12. Buy a new houseplant. Add some relaxing greens to the common areas in the house.
  13. Go on a date. When romance is in the air it doesn’t matter if the venue is a local bar or the couch.
  14. Go to a local cultural event. Leave the kids to your hubby and enjoy a night out in a different setting.
  15. Learn to make a favourite fancy meal.

when you’re really stressed out

  1. Blow a bottle of champagne. Trust me, you don’t need an occasion to drink champagne.
  2. Hire a babysitter and do nothing. Or combine with any other treat from the list.
  3. Hire someone to clean the house. Or redistribute the cleaning tasks to your kids and/or hubby.
  4. Go out and order a fancy and expensive coffee.
  5. Order your favourite fancy meal for dinner
  6. Update your wardrobe. New clothing doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it can greatly boost your confidence.
  7. Buy some nice lingerie. Goes great with #40.
  8. Buy something you want but don’t really need. Like a piece of jewellery or that gorgeous night lamp.
  9. Get a massage.
  10. Girls night out. Seriously, what could be better than getting the old gang together again (check #41 for a tip on dealing with the kids)?

So, 52 ideas, 52 weeks in a year… Anyone up for a challenge? I plan on crossing one from the list every week. We’ll see how this will go.

If you want to join me, grab yourself a free coupon book from the Resource Library by signing to the mailing list.

How do you take care of yourself when you need to fight stress off? I would love to hear your ways to treat yourself.

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