Everything You Need To Know About Taking Amazing Baby Milestone Photos

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When I was a first-time mom I had no idea that such a thing like baby milestones cards exists. Not until I joined a support group of other moms that gave birth around the same time I did. 

I then started to drool over their obscenely cute pictures of each milestone their baby has met. Not that I didn’t take a bunch of pictures of my daughter. They just didn’t have that unique vibe. 

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I did finally found the cards at a local bookstore but by that time my daughter was already 10 months old and it felt too late. 

What baby milestones are worth tracking?

If you’re a first-time mom everything seems like a huge deal. And even if it’s not your first rodeo, the day you saw your baby standing up by themselves is still photo-worthy. 

But the baby may not be willing to demonstrate for the camera just now. Here is where milestone cards come in.

Most milestone cards cover events that usually happen during the baby’s first year. Some sets include only age markers. Others add extra milestones like rolling, crawling, or sitting up.

Here is the list I used for my cards.

  1. Hello, World. This is me!
  2. I am 1 day old today
  3. I am 1 week old today
  4. I am 2 weeks old today
  5. I am 3 weeks old today
  6. I am 1 month old today
  7. I am 2 months old today
  8. I am 3 months old today
  9. I am 4 months old today
  10. I am 5 months old today
  11. I am 6 months old today
  12. I am 7 months old today
  13. I am 8 months old today
  14. I am 9 months old today
  15. I am 10 months old today
  16. I am 11 months old today
  17. I am 1 year old today
  18. Today I got a bath for the first time
  19. Today I smiled for the first time
  20. Today I giggled for the first time
  21. Today I clapped for the first time
  22. Today I rolled over for the first time
  23. Today I sat up for the first time
  24. Today I stood up for the first time
  25. Today I crawled for the first time
  26. Today I made my first steps
  27. Today I got my first tooth
  28. Today I said my first word
  29. Today I tried solid food for the first time
  30. Today I tried ice cream for the first time
  31. Today I got my ears pierced
  32. Today I sat on the potty for the first time
  33. Today is my first Christmas
  34. Today is my first Easter
  35. Today I saw snow for the first time
  36. Today I saw the sea for the first time
  37. Last night I slept all night for the first time
  38. Last night I slept in my room for the first time

Other ways to capture baby milestones

Everything you need to know about taking amazing baby milestone photos + a FREE milestone cards pack

Milestone cards are a great way to track the milestones since they are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. Still, if you’re not a fan of cards here are some other ways to mark these moments.

Milestone blankets

Milestone blankets are probably the most popular option. They are available pretty much everywhere. 

What you need to do is position the baby over the blanket and then use any object to highlight the current month.

What I don’t like about them is that you have to position the baby in an exact spot and if they have already started crawling or walking it may be pretty much impossible.

Message boards

Message boards allow you to add any message you want to the picture without using phone apps or other computer programs. I actually find them really interesting and original because you can customize them for any occasion.

Plus you get to see how much has the baby grown for those 12 months when compared to the board.

Development boards

Similar to the message boards, development boards allow you to add more information to the picture. Most moms include current age, height, weight, and sometimes an interesting fact that happened during this last month.

Random items

Many moms use different items to form the number marking the current month. It could be flowers in the spring, Christmas ornaments around the holidays, baby toys, even diapers. All you need for great results is a little imagination. 

And maybe patience. I’ve also heard plenty of stories about moms getting frustrated because the baby keeps ruining the number before they could even reach the camera. 

Phone apps

I personally am not a fan of using apps to add messages to my pictures. To me, they just seem kind of packed.

Still, adding stickers and notes is a quick and easy way to make an image stand out from the dozens of others you’re making daily.  

Tips for amazing baby milestones photos

Chances are you’re not a professional photographer. You probably don’t have a super expensive professional camera also.

Don’t worry. Me neither.

What I do have is a collection of tips from those who know how to take great baby pictures at home.

Tip 1. Use a consistent setting for monthly photos

There are several ways to pull this off.

  • Use the same simple background each month, e.g. a white blanket or fluffy carpet.
  • Use a different colour background each month. You could use different blankets under the baby.
  • Put the baby in the same surroundings to watch them grow, e.g. on the same sofa or next to the same stuffed animal.

Tip 2. Avoid using flash

If possible, take the pictures in the light coming from a window. Try to find a bright spot or even go outside if the weather allows it. The natural light will give the baby a much softer look.

Tip 3. Take as many shots as possible

Babies are moving constantly. And fast. Sometimes it could be hard to make them stay still for more than 5 seconds, so make the most of the time and take as many pictures as you can. 

You may have to delete 99% of them but you’ll have a better chance of catching this one great moment.

Tip 4. Don’t compare your pictures to others

It is only natural to feel uncreative when you haven’t slept well in months but those little moments are still something you will want to capture.

But comparing your pictures to other moms and babies could only steal your pleasure. Instead, just enjoy the moment and allow it to bring a smile to your face every time you look at the picture.

37 Baby milestones worth capturing

Fixing the ‘mistake’

By the time I am writing this, baby #2 is still lying comfortably in my belly. And as every DIY fanatic, my own baby milestones cards are just fresh out of the printer. The day 1 card will soon be placed in my hospital bag and I am ready to capture all these cute moments.

And if you want a copy feel free to grab one from the Resource Library by signing for the mailing list. For best results use matte photo paper so you don’t get any reflection from the camera.

Now tell me, which year 1 baby milestones are your favorite?

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