3 Best Strollers For Gravel Roads Active Parents Love

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Active parents need a stroller that can handle any terrain, whether it’s a gravel road or a busy city street.

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Your basic stroller is only designed for paved roads, which is a huge problem if you like to take your baby on walks in the park or go for hikes on the weekends.

In this guide, we’re going to look at 3 of the best strollers for gravel roads that will keep your little one safe and comfy no matter where you go.

And, we’ll go over the key features you should look for when shopping for a stroller that can handle rough terrains!

Our favorite strollers for gravel roads (quick list)

What type of stroller is best for rough terrains (such as gravel roads)?

There are several different types of strollers you can buy for your little one, but not all of them are ideal for bumpy paths.

For example, your basic stroller with 4 small wheels is probably not going to push very well over rocks and pebbles. The wheels may lock up or the stroller might tip over if you’re not careful.

Instead, you’re going to want something with bigger wheels that can take on any terrain, like a jogging stroller or an all-terrain everyday stroller (we’ve listed options for both).

Jogging strollers typically have 3 large wheels and are designed for running or walking on any surface. Other all-terrain strollers may not be designed specifically for jogging, but they can still handle rough terrain.

Specifically, here are the key features you will want to look for when you’re shopping for the perfect stroller that can handle gravel roads and more:

All-wheel suspension: This is an absolute must if you want your stroller to be able to handle rough terrain. All-wheel suspension will ensure that your baby isn’t jostled around too much and stays comfortable even over the roughest ground.

Large wheels: Smaller stroller wheels can get stuck easily on rocks and other obstacles, so you’ll want to make sure the stroller you choose has nice, large wheels.

Type of wheels: Strollers with air-filled tires tend to be the best choice for gravel roads. Air-filled tires tend to provide better traction and shock absorption than foam-filled tires. They may also hold up better over time to the rigors of gravel roads.

However, foam-filled tires are an inexpensive alternative that can still be a good choice if you are on a tight budget, so that is definitely something to consider.

A handbrake: If you’ll be going downhill at any point, a handbrake will help you keep control of the stroller without being pulled forward.

The stroller’s total weight and maneuverability: You may also want to consider how easy or how difficult the stroller will be to get in and out of your vehicle (especially if you have a smaller car).

Accessories and extras: Are there any accessories that you absolutely need? For example, do you feel like it’s important that you have a cup holder or a snack tray? What about storage compartments?

Infant car seat capabilities: Another thing to look for – If your baby is still very young, is the stroller compatible with your car seat? If so, does it come with the proper adapter or is this something you will need to purchase separately?

Now that we’ve gone over what to look for, let’s take a look at 3 of the best strollers for gravel roads that are sure to make your life as an active parent much easier.

The best strollers for gravel roads

When it comes to the best strollers for gravel roads, here are our winners.

1. Best overall: Bob Revolution Flex 3.0

The Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 is our top pick for a reason. It’s a very nice (let’s be honest, it’s drool-worthy) all-terrain stroller that can handle any terrain you throw at it, including gravel roads.

The suspension system and air-filled tires provide an ultra-smooth ride, while the adjustable handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights.

There’s also plenty of storage space, with six pockets and an extra-large cargo basket. The cell phone pocket at the handlebar is also a nice touch.

Plus, the seat is very comfy! It offers plenty of soft padding and can be reclined almost flat simply by pressing a button.

The Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 is available by itself, as part of a travel system, and there is even a double stroller version if you have 2 small children or twins.

All-terrain wheels with a suspension systemCar seat adapter sold separately
Air-filled tiresDoes not come with cup holders/snack tray
Cat seat capability (you will need the BOB infant cat seat adaptor)The stroller weighs almost 30 lbs
Height adjustable handlebars
Cargo basket and 6 storage pockets
UPF 50+ canopy
Carries up to 75 lbs

2. Best lightweight all-terrain stroller: Baby Jogger City Mini

Now, if you are looking for a lightweight stroller rather than a jogging stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini may be the perfect all-terrain stroller for you.

The all-wheel suspension and forever air rubber tires provide a comfortable ride for both baby and parent, while the adjustable handlebar makes it super easy to steer and control.

There are also plenty of accessories that allow you to customize your ride, including the infant car seat adapter, pram, glider board, parent console, and child tray. The only downside is these are sold separately.

Whether you’re taking a stroll around town or exploring trails in nature, the Baby Jogger City Mini is up for the challenge.

You can purchase the City Mini as a single stroller, travel system, OR double stroller version if you need to accommodate 2 kiddos, which is great.

All-terrain stroller with full suspension systemA bit pricey
Lightweight but carries up to 65 lbsNot suited for jogging
Adjustable handlebar heightDoesn’t come with cup holders
Forever-air rubber tiresDoesn’t come with a car seat adapter
Car seat capability
Storage basket that holds up to 10 lbs
UV 50+ canopy

3. Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

Are you a fan of the Bob Revolution Flex stroller but not a fan of the price?

The Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller is another excellent choice for active parents who need a less expensive alternative.

The Chicco’s multi-position reclining seat and extendable canopy provide superior comfort and protection for your child, much like the Flex.

The handlebar also adjusts to different heights. Plus, there’s a snack tray, two cup holders, and a large storage basket.

While we usually prefer air-filled tires, in this case, the Activ3’s foam-filled tires provide a comparable smooth ride, making it an overall good choice for gravel roads. And, you never have to worry about them going flat, which is very nice.

This stroller is easy to store and transport. Best of all, no additional adapter is needed if you need to snap in a Chicco infant car seat.

So, if you’re looking for a jogging stroller for gravel roads that costs less than the BOB Revolution Flex, definitely give the Chicco Activ3 Air a second look.

Adjustable FlexCore suspensionBulky stroller
Handles rough terrain really wellFoam-filled tires rather than air-filled
Adjustable handlebar heightOnly compatible with KeyFit, KeyFit 30, KeyFit 35, and the Fit2 car seats
UPF-rated canopy
2 Parent cup holders
Storage basket

These are all excellent strollers for gravel roads – It just depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller that you can also take on a run, the BOB Revolution Flex is a very nice option. If you want something more compact and lightweight for everyday use, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is great as well.

Lastly, if you’re searching for a jogging stroller for gravel roads that is less expensive than the BOB Revolution Flex, the Chicco Activ3 Air is a really great alternative (with cup holders!).

Whichever baby stroller you choose, you can be certain your child will ride comfortably even on gravel roads.

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