A Simple Skin Care Routine for Your Thirties

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I’m in my thirties.

At some point over the past few years I looked in the mirror and said, “Damn it! My face looks old!†At 34 years old, I’d say this is a normal rite of passage through womanhood. I don’t imagine that I’m the only thirtysomething who is concerned about her skin. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a little bit concerned too. I have developed a simple thirties skincare routine that is easy to keep up with and effective thus far. 

This is me, #nomakeup #nofilter. I have discoloration, wrinkles starting, and overall uneven, dull skin. Don’t judge. I’m working on it!

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UPDATE: Hey, I’m here updating links in this post. It’s January of 2022 now, and I originally wrote this post 5 years ago! You know what’s really cool, All of these products are still available, and I’m still using them. These products from Philosophy, iT Cosmetics and Murad are not fad skincare products. They are effective, excellent value skincare for us elder milennials 😀

Thirties skincare routine

So what’s so different about taking care of your skin in your 30’s versus all of the previous years?

Previous to 30, your skin concerns were likely related to excess oil, acne, and clogged pores. You likely used products that dryed out your skin in order to regulate oil. Now, those same products will leave your face so dry that it flakes off in pieces and hurts. No more acne cleansers and salicylic acid treatments!

I’ve come to enjoy using a simple cleanser like Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. I’ve been using this cleanser for a few years now, ever since my mother in law bought me a bottle for Christmas one  year. This is a fragrance free cleanser that removes makeup and dirt while also moisturizing the skin. Perfect for everyday.

at home and on the go,purity made simple

A couple of times per week, I exfoliate by subbing in Philosophy’s The Microdelivery exfoliating face wash. It’s like a 30 second mini facial! And I can do it in the shower! Totally love it.

daily exfoliating wash,the microdelivery

Treatments for 30 Year Old Skin

Ok, washing your face is one thing, but what about all the creams and gels marketed for “aging†skin?

Yes, it’s time to add in some treatments to your skincare routine. It’s likely no longer enough to just wash and go. When choosing treatments for your skin, you need to think about what your main concerns are.

Are you concerned about dark spots or over pigmentation? Consider a serum with vitamin C to lighten and brighten.

If you’re concerned about the emergence of wrinkles, you are going to want a treatment specifically for firming and smoothing. Look for serums with retinoids and antioxidants.

Personally, I use a few different treatments. I have one from Philosophy (did I mention that I LOVE their stuff??) and others that I’ve picked up recently to try as well.

From Philosophy I have this one called, When Hope is Not Enough. This product is super fun to use with it’s fancy glass dropper. Plus it smells nice and I think it’s really been working!

I’m also using an eye cream from No. 7 (get it at Ulta), and an age spot lightening serum from Murad.

After applying any treatment, it’s time to moisturize!

This is important in your 30’s now more than ever. As we age, our skin gets dryer. It also gets looser, and moisture helps to keep your face looking smooth and firm. Your thirties skincare routine NEEDS to include a great moisturizer. 

I switch back and forth between two products. One is from iT Cosmetics, called Confidence in a Cream. This is a really thick, super moisturizing cream that I love to put on at night. It’s also really great to use prior to using iT powder foundation as putting powder foundation on dry skin is a recipe for disaster!

The other is Philosophy’s  Renewed Hope in a Jar. A lighter, basic moisturizer that aids in firming and refining the skin. I buy the version that has SPF 30. This is perfect for morning or night application.

Philosophy Moisturizer Renewed Hope in a Jar

Now, I’m sure that you can (and people do) get MUCH more complicated with your skincare routine. For me, I prefer a skincare routine that is as simple as possible. I don’t have time to spend an hour on my face every day. So for me, Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer is my perfect thirtysomething skincare routine, and I’m hoping to stick with it at least until I’m 40 and need a more heavy duty arsenal.

Happy Beautifying!

Skincare in your thirties is way different than when you were 20! Check out my simple routine for thirtysomething skin.

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