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Enjoy life now, this is not a rehearsal – How to find your passion

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Are you filled with passion and joy about your life? I hope you are but if you are like most people that probably isn’t the case.  All too often life becomes about doing what we have to do and less and less about doing the things we love to do. I know first hand how important it is for you to find your passion. Life is too short not to be doing stuff that brings you joy and it starts with figuring out how to find your passion

 I know that for a long time I felt a lack of joy and passion about my own life. I worked because I had to work and I went to school to better my life but not because I was truly passionate about what I was learning. When I got sick and my life changed dramatically and I was given the ability to stay home, I started the journey of blogging. It has led me to really explore the idea of passion and the importance of loving your life. My husband has really struggled with this through the years and I have done my best to support his journey through trying different career options and letting him try to find what brings him joy. He still is working on it but he’s happier doing what he’s doing now and the path he’s currently on than he has been in years. For that I’m very grateful.

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Too many people I know never found their true passion and joy in life and I feel like that is just existing and not really living. They worked their whole life and while their job was able to give them the ability to support themselves financially I know that it wasn’t as fulfilling as the lives of the people who had found what is was that they loved doing and got to do that every day.

 I’ve discovered that I am  so passionate about helping every one of you live your dream life and create a life you love and helping you figure out a way to do that.  There is something special and unique in us all that you may just need help finding. The thing I’ve learned is that you can’t find passion just by thinking about it. You have to be active in your search for passion.

So start trying new things, cook a new meal, go to a new place, and interact with new people. The more you experience new things the more opportunities you will find to discover your passions.

Also start living with more passion, read things your passionate about, eat foods you love, start doing even everyday tasks with , more passion and enthusiasm and you will find yourself feeling more passionate about life.  Passion can be contagious. Start applying it to areas of your life and watch it creep over into other areas.

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