is 4 hours of sleep enough

The importance of getting enough sleep

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Let’s talk about something that is so important. Not only to your health and well-being but also to your mood and sanity. That is learning about the importance of getting enough sleep. It is the key to taking care of yourself and making the most out of your life. All too often we don’t get enough sleep and it can be  really harmful to us. 

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It drives me crazy when I hear people both men and women, though more often women. Act like they are doing something wonderful by not sleeping very much. We all need different amounts of sleep to function at our best level and it’s important to give your body what it needs.

I have always loved  sleep and have usually been a good sleeper. My husband can function on less sleep than I can and it’s not because he tries to be awake his body just naturally sleeps less.

The argument against sleep

Yes if you slept less you’d have more hours to get things done. I know we are all busy. Lots of you are moms, you work and you blog. This takes up a lot of hours. The fact is though that if you are well rested you will have the energy to get done what you need to accomplish much easier than if you are dragging through your day from sleep deprivation.

Also if you don’t get enough sleep you will be more likely to get sick and then you really won’t be able to get things done. My mom owns her own business. She is a florist and during wedding season she can have multiple weddings on the same day and her weekends are jammed full. I always am reminding her to take the time to rest because if she doesn’t she will not have as much energy, she will be more short tempered and if she gets sick she’ll really be in trouble.

I know you can drink coffee or other things with caffeine to keep you going.   it doesn’t work the same as sleep and your body is still not getting what it needs. You’ll be a better parent, spouse, employee  if you’re well rested so take care of yourself and get some sleep.  So go take a nap and get a good night sleep tonight.

How to start getting more sleep

Start off small and don’t try to overhaul your whole sleep schedule in one day. Decide what time you need to get up in the morning. Then what time would you need to go to sleep the night before to get a good amount? Say 8 hours of sleep since that is a good amount for most people.

Now if you would typically stay up much later to get things done try going to bed just 30 minutes earlier each night for a week. Then the next week another 30 minutes earlier. Do this till you are going to bed early enough to get in your 8 hours before you need to wake up. 

Do you get enough sleep? Should you be getting more?

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