Sometimes you just really miss someone, some days more than most.

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Saturday is three years since my papa passed away. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years that he’s been gone. We are going out to eat with my grandma and my dad and other family members on Saturday and then to visit the cemetery. It’s going to be an emotional day for sure. I get sad when I think about him and the whole family misses him a lot. He had a large personality and was definitely the patriarch of the family my hole life growing up.

After my stroke I got even closer to him as he had been through a lot of health problems so he could understand what I was going through better than a lot of people did. So Blake and I would go over for dinner and for support when things were tough. I wanted Bella to know him as well so we spent a lot of time over there as a family. She was 6.5 when he passed and I hope she does have some memories of him as she gets older.

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My papa was always a big part of my life. I remember spending the night at my grandparents often as a little kid. I remembering staying at the beach a lot and going out to dinner. I remember visiting him at work a lot and eventually working for him at one of the gas stations he owned. Then on my 16th birthday he had heart attack and after that is health never fully recovered. Over the next decade he had a couple more heart attacks and battled cancer a few times. We always thought we were about to loose him. That was one reason Blake and I got married when we did. My papa’s health wasn’t great and we both wanted him there so we got married a little earlier than originally we thought we would and my papa bought my wedding dress. I’m glad he was there that day and made it till we were almost married 8 years. He got to meet my daughter and be there to watch her grow up.

Blake was very close with him as well and loved him as a grandpa too. We both miss him a lot. There are still days I think about calling to tell him something and have to remind myself I can’t. I had just barely started this blog when he passed away and I wish I could tell him how it’s doing and talk to him about it. So Saturday the 27th will be rough for me but at least I have Blake and my family and we will be together. 

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