Are your limiting beliefs keeping you from reaching your goals?

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals?

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Do you have limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals?

Do you feel “blocked†when it comes to reaching the finish line and you aren’t sure why? Are you working your tail off but not making the money you should be?

Are your limiting beliefs keeping you from reaching your goals?

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All of the above scenarios are probably YOUR FAULT. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but typically when we aren’t meeting our goals or falling short of what we should be doing, it’s because of our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.


Everyone has conscious or subconscious ideas that are limiting beliefs and will stop us from achieving our goals if we let them. Sometimes these beliefs go way back to our childhood and how we were raised, and sometimes we create them ourselves. One great example of a limiting belief that can get in our way has to do with money.


If you believe that you will always struggle to make money, will always be poor, or that nobody is going to pay you to do what you’re good at, chances are that’s exactly what will happen. Your beliefs about money become a self-fulfilling prophecy that stop you from receiving abundance in your life.


(Read more about limiting beliefs about money in You Are A Badass at Making Money. by Jen Sincero. I totally love this book, it’s helping me break through my own money blocks!)



Limiting beliefs can exist in any part of your life, whether it’s your career, education, or personal goals like being healthy or fit. If you see yourself and the world in a certain way, it can be really hard to change that view and let go of the limiting beliefs. In order to work on changing limiting beliefs, you first need to know how to recognise them.


There are eight obvious phrases that point to a limiting belief:


“It’s hopeless†– Any time you think that there is no hope for something, you already believe that it won’t happen. An example of this is, “I will never have any money because you need money to make money and I don’t have any money right nowâ€.


“I’m helpless‖ When most people feel uneducated or helpless, they blame their circumstances instead of working to change them. Someone might think, “I can’t eat healthy because I don’t know how to cook healthy mealsâ€. Taking a cooking class is a simple way to take away that helplessness, but many people won’t take that step.


“It’s useless†– This is the idea that nothing you do will make a difference. “It doesn’t matter if I work out an hour a day, I won’t lose weight anyway.†How do you know? Are you giving up before you see results?


“It’s the universe†– Sometimes a limiting belief has to do with the idea that outside forces that you can’t control are keeping you down. You can’t find a job or get clients because the economy sucks, where you live is depressed, or people just aren’t buying what you’re selling, but you do nothing in your power to change it because it’s destiny. “Everything happens for a reason†type of thinking can be very limiting and make you feel powerless.


“I’m worthless†– The idea that you’re not smart enough or good enough to do what you really want can be a very strong limiting belief system. You feel you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough to have something, so you don’t take the steps to achieve it, because you don’t feel that you deserve it.  (Spoiler Alert: You ARE good enough!)


“It’s genetic†– While there are certainly some instances where genetics play a huge role in a person’s life, the truth is that almost everything that is genetic can be fixed with the right mindset, training, exercise, and outlook. You’re not stuck with your genetics, but if you think you are, you may not try any of the things to pull yourself out of the rut you’re stuck in.


“But I’ll fail†– The truth is the fear of failure is something most people have as a limiting belief. “I’m a bad public speaker so if I do it, I’ll be judged, and I’ll fail anyway so why try†is an example of this. But, how can you set that belief in stone if you’ve not tried?


“I’m different†– The limiting belief about being different is that different is necessarily bad. You don’t want to be who you are because you’re different and you’ll be looked at as different by other people. You’re afraid to be who you are, and because of that you don’t even know who you are, and you’re too scared to find out due to fear of rejection and ending up alone.


Once you’ve identified these beliefs running through your thoughts, you can start to disconnect from them by changing the thoughts.


Instead of thinking, “why me?â€, think “why NOT me?â€


Use positive affirmations to change the way you think about yourself. Try this right now – say to yourself, “I am good enough, and I will succeed†Say this while you think about one of your goals. Repeat until you believe it!!


You ARE good enough! You got this!


Learn how your unconscious beliefs are effecting your life - and how to fix it!

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