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I recently got hooked on Lovevery play kits for my kids. In this Lovevery review I’ll go over what play kit we got from them and what we love about it.

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Why We Love Lovevery

  • High quality – We’ve never had a Lovevery product break. You can tell they are made well.
  • Developmentally appropriate – I love that they come in boxes for certain ages so I don’t have to guess what’s a good toy for an 18 month old. They’ve already taken care of that for you.
  • Designed by experts – Lovevery has a team of experts, researchers, and more who make sure these products are helpful for your kids.
  • Sustainable materials – The materials that are used to make Lovevery products are sustainable, natural, and organic.
  • Educational – These toys are designed to help your baby learn. Your kid won’t just be pushing buttons on something, they’ll be able to learn a lot from it.
  • Good for bonding – These play kits are not only fun for my kids, but it’s fun for me to spend time with my kids showing them how to use the toys.

Overview of Lovevery

Lovevery is a subscription company. They will send you a play kit aka box every 2-3 months depending on what age your child is. They also have a few other products that you can buy that are not part of subscription boxes, like play gyms and block sets.

Their products are focused on brain development for little ones. Lovevery offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more in the continuous US and Canada.

The Realist Play Kit

lovevery realist play kit

The first play kit we got is the Realist play kit, which is for children ages 19-21 months old. The things in this box help your toddler understand how more things work and it helps them develop their senses.

This box came with 8 things in it:

  • The Lockbox
  • Quilted Critter Pockets
  • Geo Shapes Puzzle
  • Grooved Pitcher and Glass
  • Really Real Flashlight
  • Count and Slide Ring Chute
  • Bea Gets A Checkup Board Book
  • Play Guide

I was amazed at how big the box was when it came and even more amazed at how many cool things Lovevery was able to fit into it.

Both of my kids’ favorite thing in here was the lockbox. It’s a wooden box with a few different doors on it that are locked with different types of locks. It helps them with problem solving since they have to figure out how to undo each lock. I think it’s also great for them to learn how to do those little movements with their hands.

We also love the Quilted Critter Pockets. Your little one will use this to match up animals. This helps them with dexterity and focus. I also like using it to work on animal sounds with my kids.

We also love the Really Real Flashlight. My kids have so much fun turning it on and off and carrying it around. The Play Guide is really nice because it gives you ideas of how to use each product for playtime.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The play kits for kids ages 0-12 months cost $80, ages 13-24 months costs $120, and 25-36 months costs $120.

Is It Worth The Cost?

To answer simply, yes it is worth the cost to buy Lovevery products. The play kit boxes are really big and have a lot of different products in them. You could easily spend the same amount at a bigger store getting that many different products for your kids.

What is a Montessori toy?

A Montessori toy is one that meets these five characteristics. They are functional and constructive, simple, made of natural materials which provide a unique taste and texture, and based on reality.

Is Lovevery a Montessori?

Yes. Lovevery toys are considered Montessori because their toys allow for self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Are Montessori toys better?

Yes. They are better because they nurture a child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. These toys foster creativity, independence, and imagination.

I hope this Lovevery review has been helpful for you to decide if you’re ready to start getting Lovevery toys for your little ones!

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