5 Things You Need to Get Started with Baby Led Weaning

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I love Baby Led Weaning! It’s such a fun and developmentally encouraging way to get your baby started with solids. It sets up such a great foundation for all aspects of feeding in general!

Baby Led Weaning can get messy, but that’s part of what makes it fun, particularly for you baby. I’m here to give you some tricks you can use to really keep the mess to a minimum and make it easier for you to clean up after your baby.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

(This post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission from any links you click and buy from. I only recommend products I love and appreciate your support! Find the full disclosure policy here.)

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Mess Mat

The one downside to Baby Led Weaning – the mess!

Obviously allowing your baby to explore foods and learn how to feed themselves is going to be pretty messy at first. My son is now 2 and is definitely getting a lot better with not making as much as a mess, as he’s a pretty skilled eater. But, the beginning was hard to watch sometimes!

That’s why a Mess Mat is great for keeping under the high chair for all the food that will inevitably get to the floor. You can easily pick up the mat and get rid of the food, then toss the mat in the wash whenever necessary.

This one comes with matching a smock too!

High Chair

The best high chairs come with a foot rest that reaches your baby’s feet, for safe eating. It can be hard to pick the best when there are so many good options out there! Every one will work differently for each family.

Here are a few good ones!

I like these ones because they are comfortable for your baby, have foot rests, and a simple non-bulky design. That usually means easier to clean and store!

The Wooden high chair is also a 3-in-1! As a parent, I’m always looking for products that can grow with my child. Because all know they grow insanely fast. It’s ridiculous.

Best Bibs

As BLW can get pretty messy, you most likely want a bib that can contain the mess.

These baby smocks are the perfect thing! They do a great job at keeping baby’s clothes clean and catching any mess that may fall onto their laps. They’re waterproof, washable, and super easy to clean.

There are tons of different adorable designs to choose from as well!

EZPZ Utensils

EZPZ brand utensils and baby plates are a well-known well-researched brand that specializes in meal time tools for BLW. They are definitely a go-to for parents interested in BLW!

They are made of 100% silicone, super easy to clean and created by a pediatric food specialist. So, you know you’re getting the best with them!

They feature open cups that are easy for baby hands to hold, as well as spoons that are aid babies in learning how to independently feed themselves.

They have an adorable First Foods Set that will easily get you started.

Baby Led Feeding Book

Baby-Led Feeding is a wonderful resource for beginners. It has an in-depth but easy to follow explanation of what BLW is and how to exactly to get started.

It also dives into how to do BLW safely, nutrition guidelines, and any popular questions you might have about the approach.

There are 100s of ideas and recipes to really support you on your BLW journey with your baby.

There are so many benefits to BLW surrounded meal times, development, and even family bonding and attachment. You’ll learn about that in this book too!

To make sure you really take advantage of all Baby Led Weaning has to offer for your child, you need to offer them a variety of foods over time. Get a copy of our 100 First Foods List for Baby Led Weaning!

This list of top 5 Baby Led Weaning items should really help you get a great start to your BLW journey. Remember to have fun with it!

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