Hair In Baby’s Poop

Hair In Baby’s Poop (Explained)

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Discovering hair in baby’s poop can certainly be a surprising and unsettling experience for any parent. But rest assured, you are not alone in this discovery. 

In fact, finding hair in your baby’s stool is quite common and typically not a cause for concern.

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In this post, I’ll shed some light on why finding hair in your baby’s poop is often no cause for alarm and how they find and eat hair in the first place.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to stop them from eating hair.

Why Is There Hair In My Baby’s Poop?

The only reason why there’s hair in your baby’s stool is because your baby ate hair!

Babies are naturally curious, and they like to explore things by putting them in their mouths. If they come across loose strands of hair – they might unintentionally ingest it.

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In some cases, what appears to be hair in a baby’s poop may actually be other substances with a similar appearance.

Why Is There Hair in Baby stool

Mom’s Hair

If you have long hair, it’s common for your baby to come into contact with it while you’re breastfeeding, holding or cuddling them.

They might grab onto your hair, and if a few strands find their way into their mouth, they might swallow them.

Hair In Baby’s Environment

Sometimes, it’s not just about your hair or your baby’s hair.

If there’s hair in the surroundings, like from a shedding pet or other family members – your baby could stumble upon them and accidentally eat it.

Pulling Their Own Hair

Another way babies can end up with hair in their mouth is by self-pulling.

As babies grow older and start grabbing at things, they may pull on their own hair. 

This behavior can lead to hair strands being ingested and eventually showing up in their stool.

What Happens If Infants Swallow Hair?

Human hair cannot be digested. It is made up of a protein called keratin (same as fingernails) and can survive the digestive process.

The digestive system of a baby can handle and pass through non-digestible substances like hair.

So when babies swallow hair, it typically passes through their digestive system on its own without causing any harm. 

Some apple juice (about 2 oz) with water will help loosen and speed things up.

In super rare cases, when a HUGE amount of hair is consumed, it can form a compact mass called a trichobezoar which can cause blockages in the digestive system.

However, this is more commonly seen in older children with conditions like trichotillomania, where they have a habit of pulling and eating their own hair.

How To Stop Baby Eating Hair

Here are a few ways to stop or minimize your baby eating hair:

Baby Mittens

The best way to stop your little one from pulling hair is to put some mittens on.

They are made from super soft fabric which makes it more challenging for them to get a good grip on hair strands and pull them out.

Plus, it will protect your baby from scratching themselves.

Keep Your Hair Out Of Reach

Make sure to tie up your hair or wear it in a way that keeps it away from your baby’s grasp when you are with them.

You can use hair clips, buns, or even hats. Or you can cut your hair short.

Maintain A Clean Environment

How To Stop Baby Eating Hair

Regularly clean or vacuum the areas where your baby plays and spends time.

Especially the playroom or crib!

This will take care of any loose hair that’s lying around, reducing the likelihood of your baby ever finding it.

Redirect Their Attention

Babies are naturally curious, so it’s helpful to redirect their attention to safe and engaging activities.

Provide them with age-appropriate toys, books, or interactive games that capture their interest and keep their hands and mouths occupied. 

Final Thoughts

Being a mom means we worry about every little thing, but don’t fret too much about hair in your baby’s poop. It’s pretty normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

But do try to stop them from eating hair!


Baby’s Had Long Hair In Poop

If your baby has long hair in their poop, it’s not usually something to worry about either. Since it passed through their digestive system your baby will be fine.

Can A Baby Choke On A Strand Of Hair?

It is almost impossible for a baby to choke on a single strand of hair. Strands of hair are generally flexible and thin, making it difficult for them to cause choking on their own.

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